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In Iso With Adult Entertainment Star Ian Frost [UPDATED]

Mark Henderson

Important Update, May 6, 2020.

From the Editor:

Since the original publication of this story on April 28, Ian Frost has allegedly posted images and videos of a house party he allegedly attended in a NYC apartment to his Instagram account (since deleted).

DNA is aware of the discrepancy between what Ian says in the following story and his subsequent alleged actions. We have decided to keep the story online to remind readers of the importance of social distancing rules.

DNA does not endorse breaking physical distancing rules during the coronavirus crisis. Please follow public health guidelines. The virus is easy to pass on, even if you appear to have no symptoms.


With many of us in iso, as you Netflix and chill, talk to your dog, and bake bread, you might find your mind wander to thinking about what an adult entertainer might do in iso?

DNA found out when we interviewed adult entertainer and cover model, Ian Frost… and you might be a little surprised.

DNA: How are you keeping yourself busy?

I’m a master in terms of entertaining. It’d be impossible for me to get bored actually. I cook and eat three times a day so that’s already a good time invested in that. When not cooking, I’m researching and designing my soon to-be-launched clothing label. I’ve also been making and altering my own clothes and I’m doing yoga after a long hiatus.

You’ll also find me at the piano playing and singing, painting, cleaning the house, video-calling friends and family. My flatmate bought a ping-pong table, so I’m also becoming a champion at ping-pong.

What are you doing to look after your mental health?

I’m from Argentina and I heard once to say that’s the country with the most number of psychologists in the world. I’ve been doing psychotherapy for the last two years via video chat through WhatsApp. I’ve kept doing it especially these days.

The arts, in general, are a great way to channel energy and balance soul and mind. As I said I draw, and I also sing while I cook and when I clean and sort my house.

Keeping physically active is also crucial while in ISO. I also get some reprieve with video conferences making me feel like I’ve left the house.  

How are you keeping fit?

I work out at home. Nothing crazy, push-ups and maintaining my abs which help me keep fit.

Diet-wise I cook and eat my own healthy food, eat six different fruit each day and drink plenty of water. For lunch I prepare something like pasta with shrimp, beef, salmon or chicken breast with four eggs, vegetables and rice. Or sometimes, a turkey and Swiss cheese omelette.

Afterwards I have an energizer like coffee, tea or matcha and for dinner I complement whatever I had for lunch.

How are you staying connected with your fans?

Social media is the biggest way I keep connected with fans. I check my socials daily and respond personally.

What’s something surprising you’ve discovered since being in lockdown?

People. This situation that we are living is showing a completely new face of everyone, including myself. I love anthropology and physiology and I personally think that’s a great opportunity for introspection. Good and bad things come from it. How we deal with them makes the difference.

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