Ways To Burn Calories In Iso that Aren’t “Exercise”

Christian Scott

Easy ways to churn through extra calories, without trying too hard!


Yet another day of isolation begins and you question your sanity after watching back-to-back episodes of a gay zoo manager seducing straight men with tigers and meth. 

It’s definitely time to make changes. The easiest thing to do is stand up. Rather than watching from the couch, how about spending every second episode on your feet? In doing so, you’re burning on average 30 per cent more calories than you would sitting down.


Most people don’t realise that we burn calories while we sleep! That’s not to suggest you should be sleeping all day but, while working from home, try to maintain a regular sleep cycle and daily schedule. Go to bed on time, wake up early. It’s important to keep disciplined here to make sure we’re healing our bodies and keeping a strong immune system. 

How many calories do we burn while asleep? You may think the answer is “not many” but you’d be surprised to learn that your body is at work using energy even when you’re at rest. How else could we manage to snore, fart and dream about our exes? Generally, a person who weighs 60kg burns approximately 38 calories per hour sleeping. That doesn’t sound like a lot but multiply that by the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep and it’s a total potential of 260 to 352 calories for snoozing. 


Here’s some other active ideas to help stay fit in iso. Mowing the lawn (250-350 calories per hour); heavy yard work such as landscaping, moving rocks, hauling dirt (400-600 calories per hour); taking out the rubbish and recycling (200-300 calories); cleaning the house (calories really depend on lots of factors with this one). And, of course, sex. How many calories? One study of gay men’s sex lives suggest between 150 and 160 calories an hour depending on what you get up to.

I’d love to find out how you’re all keeping active and getting creative during this time of uncertainty. Tag me in your workouts on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter @bysimondunn. 

About Simon:

Simon is a personal trainer based in Sydney. He is also a former member of the Australian bobsleigh team and is the first openly gay man to represent his country in any sport.

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*Please be aware that all caloric guidelines to be treated as such. With weight loss and calorie burning, many altering factors come into play including weight, age, health, etc. Should you have any concerns prior to exercising, please don’t hesitate in asking.  

**Figures differ depending on gender, age and BMI of percipient. 

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