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DNA Magazine  |  #208 – The Wedding Issue

As wedding bells ring around the world for same-sex couples, we bring you the story of three Aussie couples and how they wed in style: the suits, the rings, the celebration. If you’re planning a wedding we have some great tips and suggestions. (Plus, some pithy advice from Dear Diva in her special wedding column!) From a Las Vegas ceremony involving Cher and Diana Ross, to a beach wedding on a remote island in Thailand we think you’ll be inspired! Plus, meet a South African couple who’ve been together and monogamous for 30 years and have no intention of tying the knot. 

We also chat with gay foster dads James and Stefan about the joys of their foster family. Independent Australian politician Alex Greenwich and US activist Evan Wolfson discuss the future of same-sex marriage Down Under in a special feature by Vanessa McQuarrie.

It’s not all marriage this month. Sexy sportsman Simon Dunn talks about the scary side of life on social media. Kinky Boots’ Tony-winning director and choreographer, Jerry Mitchell reveals some Broadway secrets, and our cheeky Back Passage column dreams up some hot (but unlikely) celebrity couples.

What are the rules of an open relationship? We speak to four couples about their arrangements, and Dr Zac makes some suggestions about managing expectations and emotions in a non-monogamous relationship. 

In Entertainment we review the definitive guide to ABBA, speak to musician Kenyth Morgan and attend the opening night of new Aussie play, Bitch!

On the cover this month is the stunning Benji Condie, shot by Christian Scott. This month’s Pin-Up Boy is the twinkalicious Oleksandr Kalinovskyi by photographer Stas Vokman.

All that and more in DNA #208.


FROM THE EDITOR – Weddings are theatre… there’s costumes, romance, a beautiful setting, dramatic tension and, at the end, laughter, dancing and music.

BURNTTOAST: READERS’ LETTERS – “I love the new Deplorables column. It’s my new favourite thing now that Urban Homo seems to be permanently AWOL”

LOVING: STUFF – From Sexy Bunny Boys to Sexy Squares.

THE MONTH IN A MINUTE – Barry Manilow, Ricky Martin and Walking Dead actor Daniel Newman.


THEATRE: BITCH! – Life can be a bitch – so can working in fashion retail, and so can your family. Wayne Tunks reveals the familiar bitterness at the heart of his latest play.


THE DEPLORABLES: SAY WHAT? – Fresh gay hate, straight out of the bucket…

DR ZAC: OPEN RELATIONSHIPS – Monogamy is not for everyone. If you’re thinking of opening up your relationship, dr zac has some suggestions…

STRAIGHT MATE: RONNY CHIENG – Ronny Chieng’s humour has taken him from NMelbourne Uni to the Daily Dhow via his gay comedy mates, casual Aussie racism and never getting hit on… ever!

GROOMING WITH WILL FENNELL – I can do also, but maybe not as well. Grooming Editor, Will Fennell finally meets his match and it’s a slippery slope!

BACK PASSAGE: CELEBRITY PAIRINGS – Some celebrity pairings we’d like to see (no matter how unlikely).


KENNYTH MORGAN, MUSICIAN – Since we last caught up with Kenyth Morgan he’s worked on the music for two new movies, including A Very Sordid Wedding. he’s married to his career, he says, and, “we’re monogamous!”

SIMON DUNN ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Is social media enhancing your life or dragging down your self-esteem? Will fennell asks out athlete Simon Dunn.

THE ABBA BIBLE – Twenty-five years ago, historian Carl Magnus palm published ABBA – the complete recording sessions, the definitive guide to their music. Now he’s revised his Opus and – my! My! – Funded by ABBA fans.


MR KINKY BOOTS – DNA meets Jerry Mitchell, director and choreographer of the hit musical.

Wedding Features

LOVE TRUMPS TRUMP – On the day Donald Trump was inaugurated as US President, an American charity worker married his Iraqi refugee boyfriend in a romantic and goofy beach wedding on a remote Muslim Thai island. Yasir and Andrew’s is a timely story of love and hope. Story and photography by Marc Andrews.

FREEDOM EQUALITY DIGNITY… MARRIAGE – Twenty-two countries have same-sex marriage. Australia isn’t one of them. Evan Wolfson’s organisation, Freedom To Marry won the fight in the usa. Vanessa Mcquarrie asked and how Australia can get over the line.

LET’S MAKE IT LEGAL! – Australia is yet to recognise marriage equality but gay couples aren’t waiting for laws to change before they celebrate their love. Will Capri and Mat Chandler tell DNA how they did it their way, and made their big day extra special.

THE TIDE IS TURNING – How soon until we see marriage equality in Australia, Vanessa Mcquarrie asks leading advocate, Alex Greenwich.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS – Aussie couple, Rob and Pete were together five years when they attended an annual conference in Las Vegas. Oh, and they decided to get married, too! DNA spoke to Rob about their experience… and Diana Ross!

STYLE: PUT A RING ON IT – Choosing the perfect wedding rings can be a daunting task. These four designers create unique and beautiful rings you’ll be proud to wear for years to come.

GIFT REGISTRY – Suggestions for the couple who already have everything.

THE ONE-STOP WEDDING SHOP – Equally wed helps same-sex couples plan their wedding without fear, judgement or rejection. DNA spoke to the site’s founder, Nivello Miller.

UNMARRIED AND MONOGAMOUS – South Africans Geoff Fenn and Paul Willemburg have been together for over 30 years and have no intention of tying the knot. Marc Andrews separated them long enough to see how they answered the same set of questions about their impressive, life-long love affair.

TWO DADS… AND THE REST! – James and Stefan knew they wanted kids long before they became a married gay couple. Now, as foster dads, they’re loving the family life they’ve always dreamed of.



ON THE COVER – Meet Benji Condie, shot by Christian Scott.

DNA PIN–UP – The Boy On The Beach by Stas Vokman.

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