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DNA Magazine  |  #209 – The Fashion Issue

The brief, jockstrap, trunk and even the leather harness and codpiece all come under the spotlight this month in DNA’s Fashion Issue. How are designers reinventing the basics? How how does our cover model Lucas Escarcello make them all look so hot in our sizzling 16-page shoot? Find out.
Bros are back! Yes, ’80s super-spunk pop twins, Matt and Luke, are touring – even to Australia, and national treasure Tina Arena talks career and her relationship with the Minogue sisters.
Our News Feature reports on the horrors of Europe’s concentration camps in Chechnya and we find out more about Ramzan Kadyrov, the dictator leading the push against the LGBT population.
We chat with the star of The Wrong Girl and Cleverman, Rob Collins, and legendary adult film star Brent Corrigan about what makes him cry.
Dr Zac investigates some of the unexpected health risks of our fashion choices while Josh our roving Style Guy looks at the move to environmentally friendly clothing. In The Back Passage we look at the often unspoken rules of men’s underwear and how they should be worn.
This month’s DNA Pin-Up is the delicious Jacob Cox. 
All that and more in DNA #209. Enjoy!


LOVING: STUFF – Wing, wing, why don’t you give me a caw?
THE DEPLORABLES: SAY WHAT? – Just when you thought the world couldn’t get crazier…
MUSIC REVIEWS – Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Gorillaz , LP and Take That
THE GAY CHEF – Want something hot inside you? Try Jordan’s tomato meatballs with poached eggs.
THEATRE: THE BOYS WHO FED ME – Australia’s own War Horse story has come to light, thanks to an innovative and thought-provoking new production.
DEAR DIVA’S ADVICE – DIVA’s gonna fix your lying, cheating deceiving man!
DR ZAC: DRESS SENSE – Is your dress sense doing you harm? Don’t be a fashion victim, says Dr Zac.
STRAIGHT MATE: ROB COLLINS – Rob Collins is the star of the Wrong Girl and sci-fi drama Cleverman, has just won a Logie Award, and doesn’t mind flirting with blokes!
BACK PASSAGE: UNDERWEAR GUIDE – There are many unspoken rules about men’s underwear. The Back Passage reminds you of the most important ones.
TINA ARENA – Even the Minogue household stops to sing along to Tina Arena. Our national treasure dishes to Marc Andrews about fame, fans and “fuck-you” songs!
AM I ADDICTED TO APPS? – We received this heartfelt help message from a reader, and panicked! So we asked an expert to provide the answer…
GOING ELBOW DEEP – Brendan Maclean broke the internet with his porn-pop house of air video. “What’s an orgy without a good soundtrack?” He asks Marc Andrews.
THE MONSTER OF CHECHNYA – Who is Ramzan Kadyrov, the dictator behind Europe’s first concentration camps for gays since World War II?
BRENT CORRIGAN – In this revealing interview we learn what Brent really thinks of himself and what makes him cry.
BROS – THEY’RE BACK! – ’80s super spunk pop twins, Matt and Luke Goss are back and ready to chat about their fine bromance.
JORDAN AT GAY SKI WEEK – The Gay Chef gets excited about the fun times at Gay Ski Week, Queenstown – and the pies!
INTRODUCING UNDERED – “We are not aiming to reinvent the wheel… however, I do believe that we are redefining how underwear should be made.” – Creative director, Undered.
MODERN CLASSICS – Menswear basics like the brief and the trunk (even the leather harness and codpiece) stay fresh when designers apply contemporary variations to classic themes. It helps when they’re wrapped around the timeless beauty of Brazilian actor / model Lucas Escarcello.
GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK – Gobbling up precious oil resources, and one of the world’s worst polluters, the fashion industry is taking a positive step in the right direction – in a rather fetching pair of Adidas.
PHOTOGRAPHY: DNA PIN–UP – Stunning Jacob Cox shot by Michael Dar.

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