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#200 – Sexiest Men Alive 2016

This month we celebrate the 200th issue of DNA Magazine and inside we feature our annual ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ list.

We also feature Bob the drag queen, Frank Ocean and actor Tim Draxl. Along with a special look at your favourite DNA covers since we launched in January 2000.

In photography you can’t miss Dylan Rosser’s ‘Naked In Ibiza’ and on the cover Frank Carter by Thomas Synnamon.

Something new for our annual ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ issue, we feature the most popular men that we’ve shared on the DNA website with our bonus digial pages dedicated exclusively to the models you have clicked on the most.

Happy 200! 

FROM THE EDITOR – Our 200th Issue

READERS’ LETTERSYour say on all things DNA.

LOVING – Aladdin, Tom Day, AFL Pride and the USA Olympic Gymnastics Team

DNA SAMPLES – Hanky Code

NUTTIER THAN A SQUIRREL TURD What the haters have been saying.

MONTH IN A MINUTEThe stuff that just happened.

STYLE – The Six Scents

MUSIC REVIEWS – Will Young, Dusty Springfield, Bielfield and more…

BOOK REVIEWS – The Easy Way Out, Freya and Rick Day Bel Ami.

THEATRE – Fag Boy And The Married Guy

DEAR DIVA – She’ll solve your problems!

HEALTH – Medical Marihuana

STRAIGHT MATE – Nick Boshier


2016’S HOTTEST! – Who makes the grade this year?


ON THE COVER – Frank Carter by Thomas Synnamon

NAKED IBIZA – by Dylan Rosser


TIM DRAXL – From critical acclaim to a day job in L.A. and depression, Tim draxl has experienced the highs and lows of a show business career.

FRANK OCEAN With a new album at #1 around the world Why’s he still grumpy?

ALFIE ARCURI – He swept the nation off its feet with his charm, good looks and gorgeous voice. Along the way he also scored a rather unique title.

BOB THE DRAG QUEEN – Equal parts drag star and activist, Bob has some serious shit to tell us.

DNA TURNS 200 – Your all-time favourite covers.

THE CATHOLIC – Your latest pick-up is well hung, but with hang-ups. Mario Forgione reflects on loving the sin, if not the sinner.

SNOWKITING IN NORWAY – Take skiing or snowboarding and add kite flying – a challenge that Xav Judd couldn’t resist! He reports from Hardangervidda Plateau, Norway.

TEL AVIV PRIDE – What went wrong this year?

STOCKHOLM VS THE NAZIS – Why Pride still matters.

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