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DNA Magazine  |  #204 – Travel Issue

We name our top 20 travel destinations for 2017 including the must-do circuit parties, pride events, gay ski weeks, gay rodeos and, of course, Eurovision. We take you to the ancient world of Petra and indulge in a five-star Paris experience.

The latest travel trend is “Togethering” and we tell you all about that and why the gays love it! Plus we send two princesses on a budget backpacking trip through Indonesia… without a hair dryer!

In fashion, we check out the latest from Marco Marco and the super sexy David John Craig bares all including his cheeky side in a photo shoot by the talented Chan Andre.

Meet Chansey Paech, Australia’s first out Indigenous MP in parliament, our fitness guru Justin gives you tips on how to become more f*ckable, and we take a look at Roy Cohn, the closeted gay, right-wing lawyer who taught Donald Trump all the tricks that would help him lie, intimidate and bully his way into the US Presidency.

On the cover, Calum Winsor, our favourite golden boy, returns to our pages to claim the cover.



FROM THE EDITOR – Sometimes the smallest moments create the strongest memories.

BURNTTOAST – Inside the minds of DNA readers! Emails, letters, Tweets, Facebook posts, carrier pigeon dispatches and ramblings.

STYLE – Stand-out styles from the Down Under summer

THE STUFF WE’RE LOVING – The stuff we’re loving!

MUSIC REVIEWS – Olly Murs, Emeli Sande, Justice, Bic Runga and Little Mix.

THEATRE REVIEW – Cabaret returns to provide a timely anecdote for a world in disarray.

DEAR DIVA – Mama’s got something to say on your current situation!




HEALTH WITH DR ZAC – It’s summer, the party and music festival season. That means dancing all night and day and the need to be realistic about party pills, says Dr Zac.

STRAIGHT MATE – From war zones and red carpets to hosting The Today Show with brother Karl, Peter Stefanovic has seen more than your average journalist. He tells Matt Myers about life in the firing line.



ME, MYSELF, WE – Trinidadian singer Kryon We’s Dear Single Me fuses reggae and urban grooves. The video is an unabashed skimpy swimwear affair! He tells Marc Andrews about his singledom and how Oprah helped shape his life.

TRAVEL TIPS FROM THE FAST LANE – An Aussie success story, Anthony and Chris of LQD Skin Care launched their range in Bloomingdales in the USA last year. They spent 13 of the last 16 weeks travelling for business, so we figured they’d have some useful travel tips. We were right!



THE PRINCESS TRAVEL DIARIES – “I always knew my partner was a bit of a princess,” but will budget backpacking bring out the princess in them both?

20 BEST GAY TRAVEL DESTINATIONS – Pack your snorkel, your skis, your stock whip and your cock ring! There’s so much on the gay calendar for 2017.

REDISCOVERING PETRA – A metropolis of the ancient world, one of the new seven wonders and as close as you can get to stepping back in time.

DOING THE CIRCUIT – Barcelona’s world-famous gay mega-party festival turns ten! Let’s celebrate.

IS THAT THE EIFFEL TOWER OR…? – Paris makes an art of drinking, eating, shopping, cycling, sight-seeing, sex and romance.

2GETHERING – Forget the hotel room – take the whole hotel or villa or castle! “Togethering” is the latest travel trend and the gays love it!


MARCO MARCO – At the underwear icon’s latest runway show.

PIN-UP BOY! – David John Craig by Chan Andre


AM I F*CK-ABLE?! – Your attractiveness isn’t just in the size of your pecs. Your emotional and mental well-being count, too. But building a better body can kick start the journey.

THE FIRST…AT LAST – Meet Chansey Paech, the first out Indigenous MP in Australian parliament.


WHO MADE DONALD TRUMP – Meet Roy Cohn, a closeted gay, right-wing lawyer who taught Trump all the tricks that would later help him lie, intimidate and bully his way into the US Presidency.


ON THE COVER – Regular DNA readers will recognise Calum Winsor from a previous shoot in which we recalled the glory days of Physique Photography. This month, the golden Aussie boys makes the cover. Enjoy

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