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ON THE COVER Nyle DiMarco, photographed by Christian Scott.



From The Editor Confession time…

Burntoast Have your say!

Month In A Minute The month that was.

Loving PocJox, #cockstruck and Ms Barrymore.

Nuttier Than a Squirrel Turd Now with even less nutrition!

Boys Toys What’s that on your face?

Health Ten mighty mood enhancers.

Music Justin Bieber, One Direction, Troye Sivan.

Book Reviews Puppet Boy, The Space Between Us.

Dear Diva Shooting from the hip!

Theatre Horror on a sunny afternoon!

Opinion Why Chemsex is such a downer.

Straight Mate Tim Phillipps from Neighbours.

Fiction Meet your next-door nightmare.

The Back Passage “I’m an underwear party virgin!”

Urban Homo #playinghotpotato

Marrow “I can catch a dick whenever I want!”

Conrad Sewell He’s surrounded by gays.

Draco Draco The band that met on Grindr.



Killer Thriller Diego Sechi by Roberto Chiovitti.



Through The Glass Aleksander Dorokhov by Stanly Vo.

Read More, Dress Less! These page-turners #ReadNaked.


Celebrity Safari! Boy bands, pop stars, teen queens, gay-for-pay hustlers, fat ass injections and existential angst. Starf*cker author Matthew Rettenmund gives the goss.
Bull By The Horns Melancholy has been singer John Grant’s hallmark, but a mid-life nightmare has managed to lift him to lighter, happier heights.
Best Of The Fest! The top queer films to catch in 2016 curated by Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival Director Paul Struthers, including one very special “sexually-charged” Argentinean road trip!
A Convict Life The new documentary Scrum reveals gay rugby’s locker room secrets!
Form, Function, Fun Think nothing changes in the world of men’s underwear? Well, butch blokes are getting in touch with their feminine side – and loving it!
On The Cover Exclusive: Nyle DiMarco What happens when DNA meets America’s Next Top Model? Photo joy!
Private Exhibition A century ago, gay artists depicted homoeroticism implicitly, thereby averting damnation, jailtime and scandal, but much can be read between the brushstrokes
All-Male, All-Vaudeville, All-Trash! A boylesque carny circus tours the world in Briefs: The Second Coming. Welcome to the weird, wild, mongrel business they call show.
“Bring On The Challenge!” Hong Kong’s Mass Luciano is passed the baton of Mr Gay World. The fashion designer, blogger and advocate speaks about what he hopes to achieve during his brief reign.

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