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ON THE COVER Jeffrey Szpylman by James Franklin Comments.



FROM THE EDITOR Taylor Swift who?

BURNTOAST Your say on all things DNA.
BURNTOAST TRIBUTE Remembering John Caleo.
LOVING Grace Jones and three Amys.
MONTH IN A MINUTE What just happened?
THE TRIBE SPEAKS For your entertainment.
MUSIC Robyn, Monogem, Disclosure.
BOOK REVIEWS Bad Kid, Green Road.
CALENDAR BOYS 2016’s hottest.
HEALTH Dr Zac’s 10 tips to a better you.
DEAR DIVA She’ll solve your problems!
THEATRE The Sisters Grimm.
STRAIGHT MATE Please like Thomas Ward.
MAN TO MAN Meet Mike.
FITNESS Lochi’s workout.
WHO’S HOT Willie Gomez in 2016!
URBAN HOMO #scattered.


TINA ARENA The ferocious Sicilian.
JAKE WEISZ His Reverie.
MARSHA P JOHNSON Stonewall: pay it no mind!


MYKONOS God’s gift to the gays?
HELLO SPACE BOY NASA’s mission control.


MY NAME IS LUKA All the world’s a canvas to fuck up.


FEELS LIKE SPRING Adam Gumula by Calvin Brockington.
A ROLL IN THE HAY Fashion cowboys by Flash Avenue Studios.



“KISS ME ON THE MOUTH” Troye Sivan invites you to do just that on his chart-topping new EP, Wild. Who could refuse the actor, musician and social media sensation?
GIRL GONE MAD From her dance school days to the dance floors of the gays, Marc Andrews charts our enduring love affair with Madonna.
CALVIN HARRIS How a geeky DJ became the world’s #1 pin-up pop star hunk.
DARK LADY From war baby to dancing queen, the tumultuous life and times of ABBA’s Frida.
SUMMER BEACH HOUSE Whether it’s deep, heavy and progressive or light beach house – Peyton brings you Ibiza.
QUEEN OF BEVERLY HILLS Actress, restauranteur, and reluctant reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump serves a glorious cocktail of gossip about her co-stars on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. She’s a champion of gay rights and activist against animal cruelty. And she reveals more about her sex life than you could possibly want to hear!
DEAD POETS SOCIETY Covert codes, cover ups, sexual intrigue and incestuous secret societies. A century ago, same-sex attracted Englishmen were not so different from contemporary gays, except their private lives were constrained by a disapproving society.
MAKE ME HOT: THE REVEAL After three months pumping and sweating at the gym, dietry revolutions and a distinct lack of chocolate and peanut butter, are Eli and Chris officially hot?

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