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#198 – Love Wins: Orlando

This month we look at the madness of the Orlando shooting. There are plenty of tough questions to ask around homophobia, racism, gun control and terrorism but, in the end, love wins. We celebrate the way the world stood with the LGBTI community, and the positives that have emerged from the tragedy. 

We hit the road with Willie Gomez and the guys from Britney’s Vegas show in an amazing desert shoot by James Franklin. We also travel to the International Mr Leather competition in Chicago, and discover the delights and dangers of gay Cambodia. 

It’s the Foxy 40-somethings vs the Slutty 20-somethings in our Man To Man feature, we touch base with UK pop star Jake Quickenden, Opera Australia’s Adrian Tamburini, find out what happened to Madonna’s Vogue boys, and enjoy Archie going gay!

We have Red Carpet Wonders from our style department, plus some wardrobe tips for Gay Ski Week. And there’s all your favourites like Dear Diva (she’ll fix ya’), Straight Mate, Nuttier, Burnttoast and Loving. And, of course, sexy boys galore!


FROM THE EDITOR – Is homophobia a mental disorder?

BURNTOAST – Your say on all things DNA.

MONTH IN A MINUTE – The stuff that just happened.

LOVING – Butts, brawn, Edina and Pats.

NUTTIER… –  What the haters have been saying.

THEATRE – Melbourne revival of Funny Girl.

MUSIC REVIEWS – Garbage, Justin Timberlake and more…

BOOK REVIEWS – Exposure and Tom of Finland XXL

DEAR DIVA – She’ll solve your problems!

TRAVEL – Your Gay Ski Week wardrobe.

MAN TO MAN – Sluty 20s Vs Foxy 40s.

STRAIGHT MATE – Matt Levitt from Drown.


JAKE QUICKENDEN – “Straight men are no longer afraid of wearing speedos!”

ADRIAN TAMBURINI – The big-voiced, award-winning, baritone hunk from Opera Australia.

ARCHIE LOVES KEVIN – The 75-year-old comic book goes gay.

STILL IN VOGUE – What happened to the dancers from Madonna’s stadium-busting 1990 Blond Ambition tour?


BRITNEY’S BOYS – Photographer James Franklin took Britney’s dancers into the Nevada desert for the hottest hitchhiker shoot ever.

#LOVEWINS – Guns kill, hate destroys, prejudice corrupts. Let love win! We peel off the don’t shoot T-shirts and let these sexy lads loose in the surf.


RED CARPET CLASSICS – DNA’s Style Editor, Joshua Heath, takes


LEATHAL COCTAIL – The massacre of 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida was enabled by weak gun control laws and inspired by hatred. What does this crime tell us about our society, and what does it require we ask of ourselves?

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS – Across America and around the world, responses to the Orlando massacre were compassionate and practical.

#LOVEWINS – As the Orlando shockwaves hit, sorrow and support from our famous friends filled social media.

WE FAILED AS A NATION –  Orlando was as much about racism as homophobia, writes Caleb Rainey.

CAMBODIA’S COMING OUT – With vibrant gay bars and tuk tuk’s decked in rainbow flags, Cambodia’s gay scene is thriving.

MAY DAY! –  Move In May was a day of sport and support for the LGBTI community, attracting football heroes, TV stars, politicians and hundreds of regular folk.

CHICAGO: THE NEW NEW YORK – While New York claims to be the city that never sleeps, Chicago is most definitely

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