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#199 – Let’s Get Grooming!

This month, DNA is all about looking good. Grooming expert Will Fennell busts some grooming myths and give us his best tips. Dr Zac gives us the lowdown on cosmetic tourism, and we catch up with Chris and Anthony from Lqd Skin Care – and their latest, sexiest photoshoot.

What’s kd lang been up to? We find out! We go to the theatre to get some sex tips, and catch up with Aussie Olympic hopeful, Jason Waterhouse.

Finally, in this month, DNA’s editor Andrew went to the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban in South Africa and brought back some surprising and important stories. How close are we to ending HIV? Who is being left behind? And we meet the remarkable woman who first isolated the HIV virus.


FROM THE EDITOR – The Frontline: Africa.

BURNTOAST – Readers write to reply.

LOVING – Sexy crime fighters, among others.

NUTTIER… – What the haters have been saying.

MONTH IN A MINUTE – The stuff that just happened.

MUSIC REVIEWS – Kygo, Dami, Rufus and more…

IN REVIEW – Our size-queen obsessions.

BOOK REVIEWS – The Little Big Penis Book.

THEATRE – Gay sex tips for straight girls!

DEAR DIVA – She’ll solve your problems.

STRAIGHT MATE – Olympic sailor, Jason Waterhouse.

FITNESS – Meet our new trainer, Justin Dulihanty.

URBAN HOMO – Carry on, Doctor at dinner.


KD LANG – Her latest and loveliest collaboration.

DIGITALISM – The electo-dance boys are back!

WUTHERING HEIGHTS DAY – The day the world went Kate Bush-mad!



WARM WINTER NIGHTS – Get socksy with Braedyn! Photography by Studio Christian Scott.

ROOM WITH A VIEW – Model Nik Ripley gives the neighbours something to look.


THE INVISIBLE MAN – What happens when your youthful lustre fades? By Will Fennell.

TRUE OR FALSE – Some guy’s grooming myths busted!

GADGETS AND GREAT GRINS – Will reviews the latest clippers and teeth-whitening techniques.

MY YUMMY BALLS – Whipping up a delicious beauty snack!

ASK WILL… – “My boyfriend has a foot fetish and my toes strip flesh! Help!”

THE MAKE-UP ARTIST – Professional make-up artist, Rajja Richani never goes a day without beauty or art!

A “WORK” HOLIDAY – A five-star resort holiday with a nip-and-tuck, dental work and facelift? Do your homework, warns Dr Zac Turner.

LIQUID GOLD – The Lqd Men’s Skin Care boys are flexing some muscle in the international market. In this interview, they reveal what’s really important to them.


CHARLIZE THERON, PRINCE HARRY AND A WILD STREET PROTEST…  –DNA’s Editor, Andrew Creagh reports from the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa on the medical breakthroughs and looming challenges.

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