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ON THE COVER Gregory Verdoes photographed by Salvador Pozo.


PORCELAIN From Wollongong to LA, this band is breaking on through.
BRETT EVERY He writes songs for boyfriends.
A SINGLE MAN We review Tom Ford’s first feature film.
POOL PARTY DNA celebrated its 10th anniversary in style.


MARDI GRAS LEGENDS A look at the last decade of the Mardi Gras Parade.
THIS IS HOW WE PARTY How did the Mardi Gras Party grow into what it is today?
UNDER ATTACK Life in Iraq is becoming untenable for gay citizens.
GEORGE MICHAEL The juicy history of the controversial pop star.
ISRAEL SHOOTING Six months on, how are the victims of this horrific tragedy holding up?


GET PUMPED! Need a little motivation? Gym buddy Greg will surely help you raise a sweat. Photography by Salvador Pozo.
NIGHT FEVER Winter, spring, summer or fall… you’ll maintain a year-round temperature of ouch! in these sultry underwear styles. Photography by Troy Phillips and Akimitsu Sadoi.
DOWN TIME De-stress, decompress, relax. Put some quality pampering into your me time. Photography by Brian Kaminski.
WALK ON THE WILD SIDE Take some downtown grit and add a dash of up-town sophistication for a knockdown street cred look. Photography by Richard Gerst.


THE MASTER’S MASK Life is just an illusion, and every day is another mask… Photography by Mar Mateu.


BURNTTOAST DNA readers tell us what.
FROM THE EDITOR Our sexy secrets revealed!
SMORGASBORD A selection of tasty morsels.
MUSIC Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, Nine, So Frenchy, So Chic.
BOOKS The latest queer reads and dirty books reviewed.
DOLLARS AND SENSE Sniffing out the truth about sniffer dogs.
GAY DAD If Madonna can adopt, why can’t gay couples?
GROOMING Taming your inner werewolf.
FASHION Watches add masculine allure.
FITNESS Get back on top after your Mardi Gras comedown.
STRAIGHT MATE Power Rangers super stud Daniel Ewing.
DESIGN Tom Carpenter heads to the luxury hotel of New York.
DVD Paris Is Burning, I’m The One That I Want, Beautiful.
URBAN HOMO Thoughtfully translating what all that Aussie lingo means for our international visitors.

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