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FINAL FANTASY One-man-orchestra Owen Pallett on the perfect man.
VANESSA AMOROSI The Aussie songstress comes back for more and this time she’s #1.
SUPERNATURAL SMACK-DOWN! Vampires, werewolves or zombies? Who cares, as long as they’re cute.
MARTIN MAZZA It’s an epidemic! Another porn star makes the move to pop.


MAKE ME HOT  It’s the finale of DNA’s Make Me Hot project. Richard, Will and Andrew reflect on the experience.
MIDSUMMA DNA’s guide to the best of Melbourne’s queer art and culture festival.
INDIA ADVENTURE Mike Ruiz finds some unexpected admirers on his journey through India.
PARADISE FOUND The 10 best spas in the region.
FIRE ISLAND Cameron Watt discovers the world’s gay paradise.
HOLIDAY SEX Four men recount their lusty tales of global hijinks.
BENDING THE LAW From queer cops to gay gangsters, gay men have had a deep impact on law and order.


A NEW MAN! DNA promised to make him hot. After three month’s hard slog he’s done it. Congratulations Richard! Photography by Pedro Virgil.
UNDRESS TO IMPRESS Underwear with superior quality and sexy cuts boosts confidence and keeps you prepared for that unexpected dalliance.
Photography by Simon Le.
EXTREME HEAT That’s the forecast… try and stay cool in these sultry, new-season styles. Photography by Ronald N Tan.


BURNTTOAST DNA readers give back.
FROM THE EDITOR Reflecting on Richard’s Make Me Hot journey.
SMORGASBORD A selection of tasty morsels.
MUSIC Martha Wainwright, Glee, Hugh Sheridan, Guy Sebastian.
BOOKS The latest queer reads and dirty books reviewed.
GAY DAD Coping with your child’s first day of school.
GROOMING Coffee might do more good on your face than in your body.
FASHION Henry Roth takes us through fashion trends for 2010.
STRAIGHT MATE Ex-Olympian Michael Klim.
FITNESS The final in Andrew Greig’s posture series will put you in perfect form.
DESIGN Tom Carpeter chats to Sydney-based designer Pablo Albani.
DVD Chess, Glee, The September Issue, George Michael, Swan Lake, Beyonce.
URBAN HOMO Brings in the New Year with a bang in Dubai.

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