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ON THE COVER Rob Thwaites photographed by Rick Day.


BACK IN THE ZONE Boyzone are back, though sadly missing a member.
GOING SOLO Sigur Ros lead singer Jonsi Birgisson’s side project, Go.
NO HAPPY ENDING Gays can now be shown in Malaysian film – but only with conditions.
QUEER AS FUCK A novel sexual health message, featuring flatmates and felching.
GAYPOD The iPod apps we wish somebody would invent.


SIR IAN MCKELLEN A chat with the legendary actor and leading gay rights activist.
BUFF BUTLERS Dudes who serve you food – nearly nude.
GAY SKI WEEK New Zealand’s hottest week of cold-weather action is on again.
SMALL SCREEN QUEENS Gay teens are appearing on TV more and more – except in Australia, that is.
SURF’S OUT A new website has shown there are more gay surfers than anybody could have guessed.
BRIAN GREIG he former Senator talks about the home stretch for gay rights.
10 TENORS One of these tenors is not like the others…


CALL TO ARMS Military-inspired fashion returns.
JOSH DAVIDSON New carnival-inspired designs.
ROB THWAITES Photographed by Rick Day.
FASHION PROFILES We take a look at some of the world’s most exciting labels.
MIGHTY WHITIES A closer look at underwear. Photography by Jerrad Matthew.
ROCK ‘N’ ROLL DANDIES Photographer Kristopher Kelly gets a bit retro.


BURNTTOAST DNA readers answer back.
FROM THE EDITOR What do Oscar Wilde, Lady McMahon and Lady Gaga have in common?
SMORGASBORD A selection of tasty morsels.
BOOKS The latest queer reads and dirty books reviewed.
DOLLARS AND SENSE Why gay marriage is good for the economy.
GAY DAD Fatherhood through surrogacy.
GROOMING Will Fennell explores the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery.
WHO’S HOT? Hawaiian bodybuilder Devan is.
STRAIGHT MATE Bondi vet Chris Brown.
FITNESS 10 steps to better muscles.
DESIGN Hamilton Island resort Qualia.
DVD Derek Jarman’s seminal 1986 film Caravaggio.
URBAN HOMO Urban homo finds a red spot special on Grindr.

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