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ROGUE TRADERS Lead singer Mindi Jackson takes the Roguies reins.
MADONNALICIOUS Madonna impersonator Melissa Totten releases a souped-up electro remix album.
PINNACLE FOUNDATION These guys help disadvantaged  gay youth achieve their dreams.
DAMO THE ILLUSTRATOR Damien George-Cox brings illusion to life.
SCOTT ELK This year’s Mardi Gras artist combines modern ideas with old-fashioned techniques.


MARDI GRAS DNA’s guide to the best of Sydney’s fab festival.
ROSS WATSON His new art exhibition celebrates our heroes and mentors.
MY FIRST MARDI GRAS Dino tells us about his first time: at Mardi Gras and with a guy!
MIKA The boy who knew too much tells us what he knows.
ONLY IN JAPAN Japan may seem reserved but its gay art is anything but.
10 YEARS OF DNA We reflect on the highs and lows of ten years of DNA magazine.
WHAT’S IN OUR GENES? The science of sexuality.
TOM BALLARD Australia’s unlikely comedy star.
SOUTH AMERICA 2010 is party time for the continent.


THE DEVIL YOU KNOW Celebrating our 10th anniversary, DNA invited one of our all-time favourite cover guys back for an encore appearance. Welcome back Todd… Photography by Frank Louis.
ISLAND ESCAPADE Sardinia’s rugged coast is not for the faint hearted. Photography by Roberto Chiovitti.
LAZY DAYS You’ll just want to lounge around in these sexy swim styles. Photography by Thomas Synnamon.


CHRIS LEABU Beautiful shots of a beautiful boy. Photography by Gregory Vaughan.
KYLE KING Dear DNA. I’m Kyle King, your birthday present. Please unwrap me… Photography by Ted Buel.


BURNTTOAST DNA readers let us have it.
FROM THE EDITOR Our birthday – you get the prezzies!
SMORGASBORD A selection of tasty morsels.
MUSIC Susan Boyle, Rihanna, 30 Seconds To Mars.
BOOKS The latest queer reads and dirty books reviewed.
GROOMING Get some scents, but don’t make them common.
FASHION Who wears short shorts? We do!
DOLLARS AND SENSE Society is more gay-friendly than ever before, so why does the rainbow flag look so tatty?
GAY DAD Why has co-parenting fallen out of favour?
STRAIGHT MATE Actor Daniel Amalm.
FITNESS Getting in shape for party season can be difficult after Christmas and New Year, but there is a way!
DESIGN Tom Carpenter talks interiors with Preston Lee.
DVD Jeffrey, Video Killed The Radio Star, Whitney Houston – Deluxe Edition, Coco Avant Chanel.
URBAN HOMO Recounting the glories of his last ten years.

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