Men’s Telehealth Made Easy – Introducing Mosh


Forget booking appointments, sitting in waiting rooms and those embarrassing questions you sometimes need to ask your GP! A new telehealth service for men makes better health faster, easier and less stressful.

As men, we tend to push health problems to the back of our minds. Maybe because asking for help makes that problem into “a thing”. Or maybe because saying it out loud is simply too embarrassing.

Also, during covid lockdowns, getting to an actual GP has been even more of a hassle than usual. The solution to all of the above is telehealth.

One such telehealth provider is Mosh, a men’s online health platform that supports men on their journey to a healthier and improved quality of life. Through Mosh, you can seek consultation for your more uncomfortable health problems such as hair loss, skin conditions, mental health and sexual health issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, without having to physically speak to someone. They create a platform for you to get access to a real and accredited Australian doctor at your fingertips with anonymity.

How It Works

It’s very easy. Visit the Mosh website (getmosh.com.au) and complete a simple health questionnaire. This will be reviewed by doctors on the Mosh platform who will create a personalised clinical treatment plan you. You then have a range of options to consult the doctors via text, call or video call. Any prescriptions required are delivered directly to the customers from a pharmacy registered on the Mosh platform. 

A Mosh consult is so much more convenient than a trip to the GP. You can do it from the comfort of your couch or, if you’re on the go, from your phone. There is no waiting in a doctor’s office, and no need to take time off work to get to a doctor.

All of which will help you never run short on your regular meds with their subscription model. It’s discreet and there’s free delivery of treatments.

The other great advantage of a telehealth provider like Mosh is that it’s cheaper than a regular GP visit. Being an online service, Mosh doesn’t have high operating expenses, there are no fancy offices, and no doctor’s on the payroll – all their doctors are independent.

Plus, there are no lock-in contracts, a 90-day money-back guarantee, flexible payment terms, and custom solutions: treatments are personalised for your needs and health conditions

Mosh make men’s health and wellness easier, more affordable, more accessible and more normal than ever, and they aim to become Australia’s most trusted men’s health brand.

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