Therapy Is Good… Tele-Health Now Makes It Even Easier To Access

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Therapy is good. There’s no two ways about it. You talk to your friends, you share, you unload, you get their advice, and you usually feel better for it. Professional therapy is no different. Except in this case, you have the expertise of a medical professional who will offer you advice based on years of study and hours of listening to clients with issues similar to yours. And that’s just it, sometimes your friends aren’t enough – despite their best intentions – they don’t have the depth and breadth of broader understanding required to discuss certain issues. A therapist does. 
More than telling you how and why your thoughts and feelings are normal, a therapist will provide you advice rooted in research and scientific fact. Moreover, they will give you the tools to tackle the challenges at hand, whether that be depression or anxiety. And depending on their qualifications assist with the medication required to help regulate a mental condition.  

And even if there isn’t an issue at hand, seeing a therapist for a regular session should be seen as mind and mood-management, no different than seeing a personal trainer to help you get the most out of a workout or a dentist to ensure you’re staying on top of your dental health.  

Tele-mental-health has been around for a while, but it was the Covid lockdowns that brought it to the fore and gave it a spotlight at time when those same lockdowns – preventing people seeing medical practitioners – were causing enormous mental strain on those trapped at home.  
And in the same way that Covid and technology cemented ‘working from home’ as a viable option, so too is tele-mental-health. It is here to stay. And given studies have shown that videoconferencing is as effective as face-to-face treatments you’d be wise to take advantage of it. 

Distance is no longer a dilemma. Where once mental health providers may have been inaccessible those living in rural and remote areas, now they’re simply a video call away. This expanded access means that therapists can bring life-changing services to those who previously didn’t have options or outlets. The very people for whom isolation makes the importance of connecting with another all the more essential. 

The city dweller also benefits, broadening the range and choice of counsellor; no longer limited to just those within your neighbourhood. You could in fact connect and speak with someone on the other side of the country. And in therapy, personal connection is imperative.  

Tele-mental-health has other advantages. No travel and parking hassles. No waiting rooms. The furthest you’ll have to travel is the short walk to your laptop. Not only is it money saved in transport, but you can sit back in your favourite chair with a cuppa in hand and share your thoughts from the comfort and security of your own space. And in therapy, feeling relaxed enough to speak freely is paramount. 

Tele-mental-health even makes it easier for patients to work appointments into their schedules, without necessarily having to take time off from work. 

Additionally, given the broader range of mental health professionals available now that the dilemma of distance is eliminated, average wait times are often significantly shortened when you can work remotely with someone who has immediate availability.  

Finally, stigma. While we here at DNA encourage open discussion and normalisation about mental health issues – hey, there’s no question we all have challenges from time to time – we realise that not everyone is comfortable with speaking with their GP about certain issues or attending a therapist’s clinic. If that’s you, tele-mental-health offers an easy alternative. Working with counsellors from the privacy of your own home can reduce any anxiety you might be feeling and make it easier to get on with the important work of talking with someone, being heard, and getting the tools to maintain good mental health. 

Starting mental health treatment need not be overwhelming when it’s just a video call away.   

For a mental health consultation via tele-health, try GetMosh. Their clinicians help treat depression and anxiety, offer same-day online therapy, and a treatment plan within 24 hours.   

Mental Health 

  • Mosh mental health is Australia’s first holistic men’s health platform. Mosh offers a complete end-to-end service that allows clients to reach out, pick out the type of help they need, and receive diagnoses, counselling and medication 100 percent online. 
  • As a telehealth platform, Mosh dramatically increases a client’s access to medical health professionals, particularly for those for whom a clinic is difficult to access. This also makes it easier to select a professional that best suits a client’s specific needs. 
  • Mosh’s end to end platform significantly decreases the time between reaching out and accessing treatment, as our platform involves the correct professional only when they’re needed. It’s possible to access a therapy session the same day as you first reach out. 
  • Mosh’s service caters for a range of pricing structures, from single counselling sessions with qualified therapists, to government subsidised sessions and licensed psychologists. 
  • The platform offers adaptability and the ease of scheduling and booking multiple sessions, with the video platform offering a visual experience without the stress and logistics of an in-person meeting. 

With Mosh’s Mental Health service, there are three treatment plans: 

There are three treatment plans: 


  • Medication prescribed online by an Australian doctor, securely and confidential. Ask your doctor questions online 
  • Monthly, free express delivery from a registered pharmacy – discreet and to your door 
  • Follow-up online consultation with your recommending doctor 
  • Easy online renewal process 
  • From $60/month 


  • Confidential, online 50-minute therapy sessions with a registered Australian practitioner 
  • Option to book in multiple sessions in advance with the same therapist for continuous treatment and ongoing support 
  • Same-day availability to speak with someone, starting from $65/session 
  • Possibility of Medicare rebated sessions with a mental health treatment plan 

Medication and therapy 

  • All the benefits of medication and therapy rolled into one convenient package 
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