He Delivers Such Bad News… But How Can You Feel Sad When It’s Tony Armstrong?

Tony Armstrong (Supplied)

ABC News Breakfast sports presenter Tony Armstrong is beloved for a number of reasons; he’s accomplished, hilarious, talented and very attractive. Proving he can do no wrong, Tony takes a swing at delivering the bad news in a way nobody can be mad at.


Tony Armstrong began his illustrious career in the AFL playing for Collingwood, and since then has become one of Australia’s favourite media figures.

With a cheeky grin and facetious wit, it’s no wonder that his fans are so wild for him. In a TikTok video posted from the ABC iView account, Armstrong shows us his own unique brand of levity by delivering awful news in a sexy way.

There’s honestly no better way to explain it. He’s hot and funny; if we have to hear dark tidings then we know exactly the man for the job. The items that were included in Armtrong’s bad news included an ice-sheet the size of New York City melting in Antarctica, micro-plastics being found in human blood for the first time and the discovery of a mutant strain of tuberculosis potentially more dangerous than covid.

The advent of all this terrible news is cut by Armstrong’s ability to distract viewers. This format clearly gets our attention and leaves us feeling a bit like the scales are balancing; on the one hand the world is collapsing, but on the other, Tony is really easy on the eyes.

In their own words, “If you don’t laugh you’ll cry.”

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