Foster Care Making A Difference To Vulnerable Children


DNA sat down with partner, Key Assets, as part of our Family Issue to understand the work they do in helping vulnerable children find a foster home.

Times are tough across the country right now, and we know that this also means that times are even tougher for our most vulnerable children and families. Across Australia, we’ve noticed that people are still contacting us to find out about fostering. There is a real sense of wanting to help, to do something for our community and really well thought out intention to make a difference.

At Key Assets we provide carers with on-going training, 24/7 support, a dedicated social worker and an allowance. We hold regular events and connect carers with other carers for extra support. Are you thinking of becoming a foster carer? Hear from one of our dedicated carers on their experience.

Matteo is 44 years old and became a foster carer with Key Assets two years ago. Wanting to make a difference in the life of a young person, he now fosters Sam who is 13 years old. * Matteo says that long-term foster care has been a rewarding and challenging experience.

“Seeing Sam improve and make solid progress really keeps me going. Sometimes when I step back and look at how far he has come, it makes me feel really proud. It’s nice hearing Sam talk about the future living with me, asking me if I can teach him to drive when he gets older and asking if I will help him buy his first car.

“Sharing a safe, loving and warm environment with a child in need is the best feeling. Watching them grow, develop and thrive, and enjoy enriching experiences is such a reward. I’ve learned a lot from Sam too. This whole experience has allowed me to develop new skills and insights as an individual. I also didn’t expect to receive so much support from our friends and family, our employers, Key Assets and from other carers as well. 

“These young people need someone to trust and rely on, someone to believe in them and tell them that they have the potential for great things. Often it is just having that one person who believes in you that makes the world of difference in the young person’s life. With the shortage of carers, if regular people like you and I don’t put our hands up to help, things would be so different”.

If you can provide a spare room, are patient, caring, understanding, and are willing to open your heart and a safe and nurturing environment for a child in need, we are encouraging you to apply today.

We find that the application process to become a foster carer usually takes between 4 to 6 months.

  1. Contact us – If you are eligible our recruitment team will spend about 15-20mins on a phone call to run through the requirements and answer any questions you might have.  
  2. Home Visit – From there we will meet with you in your own home.
  3. Training – If you are suitable you will need to attend our training session. Part one of the training is run across two Saturdays.  Part Two of the training is an induction, which takes place on a weekday evening. 
  4. Assessment – When you’ve completed your training the next step is to complete your application form.  Your suitability will then be assessed by a qualified social worker.
  5. Approval – Once your assessment is complete your information will be sent to a panel which you will attend for final authorisation from the Key Assets Director in your state who will authorise the decision.
  6. Matching Process – If you are authorised, we will begin to match a child to your experience and best fit for your family.

If you’d like to know more the first step is to call us on 1800 WE CARE (1800 932 273) or fill out our eligibility questionnaire at

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