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Henry for Curbwear (2-Apr-2015)

Our friends at Curbwear have sent us some sexy snaps to get us in the Easter spirit. This is Henry!

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Model Spotlight: Derek Bedry (2-Apr-2015)

Today DNA is putting a model spotlight on Derek Bedry. He’s a CrossFit coach and copywriter from Vancouver!

Jacob by Troy Schooneman (2-Apr-2015)

Photographer Troy Schooneman has treated the DNA blog to another hottie he’s been working with! Give a warm welcome to Jacob.

Insta-Stud: Terry Miller (2-Apr-2015)

One of our favourites hotties on Instagram is Terry Miller. He’s a totally sexy and is married to Dan Savage.

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Luke by Danny Bright (1-Apr-2015)

Are you guys ready for another hottie? This is Luke and he’s making his DNA blog debut today.

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Kevin Slack presents Luis Angel

Photographer Kevin Slack is back on the DNA blog with another fella we know you’ll love. Say hello to Luis Angel.

Insta-Stud: Gil Soares (1-Apr-2015)

Smiles, six packs, shirtless selfies and sexy poses are just some of the things you’ll see over on Gil Soares’ Instagram page. He’s attracted over 107 thousand followers and regularly posts fresh shots.

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Underwear Hottie: Jabel (31-Mar-2015)

Can you believe it’s the last day of March already? We better check out an underwear hottie, to “celebrate” this important date.

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Quick Click: Alexander Erickson (31-Mar-2015)

Alexander Erickson sure is handsome. He strikes some poses for photographer Carlos Medel.

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Rick Day presents Damian DeCantillon (31-Mar-2015)

Are you guys in the mood to check out another hunky fella? Thankfully Damian DeCantillon is on the DNA blog.

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Whitelion Bail Out 2015 (31-Mar-2015)

What is The Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano doing locking up Mark Holden, The Nelson Twins and Josef Brown? It’s for their crimes against entertainment and to help launch Whitelion’s 10th Bail Out Fundraiser.

LOL of the Day: David Beckham and James Cordon’s Underwear Line (31-Mar-2015)

Soccer superstar and fashion Icon David Beckham has teamed up with actor and funny man James Corden for a new underwear line. The exclusive sneak peek is doing the rounds on the interwebs.

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WATCH: Time by Steve Grand (31-Mar-2015)

Our favourite country singer Steve Grand is back with a brand new song. Time is off his debut album, All American Boy.

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WATCH: Mum Reads Grindr Messages (24-Mar-2015)

Would you ever let your mother read your Grindr messages? That’s just what Riyadh K did in his recent YouTube video.

WATCH: #RingYourGranny (23-Mar-2015)

Ireland will vote on the marriage equality referendum on May 22nd and a new campaign is going viral to urge older people to vote yes. Most younger people are already expected to vote yes but it’s not clear how the older generations will vote.


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Burgess(?) Twins

About a year ago, I read in some Blog about the Burgess? (not sure if that is their last name) ...

  21-Mar-2015 8:57 replies: 1


featured guys/models

has anyone else noticed that the number of comments of late have been dropping right off? ...

- lakeplacid49
  10-Mar-2015 22:50 replies: 1

Irony of Ironies

After seeing the cover of #182 I couldn't wait to see the spread inside. A big smile ...

  20-Feb-2015 18:32 replies: 0

From The Editor

Pass The Bucks

I’ve been invited to a gay bucks night. At last! For too long, heterosexuals have had a monopoly, not just on marriage itself, but on the humiliating and debasing rituals that accompany ...

I’ve been invited to a gay bucks night. At last! For too long, heterosexuals have had a monopoly, not just on marriage itself, but on the humiliating and debasing rituals that accompany it. more


Dogma Attack!

The day after Islamic fundamentalists murdered twelve people at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, a friend of mine ran into some trouble at a train station in Sydney. It was morning ...


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Changing Times

A few years ago, I shared an apartment with someone who was in the process of transitioning from being a girl to being a boy. When I interviewed prospective housemates, this young man asked me, “Do you have a problem with transsexuals?”...


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Damned If They Do

The Australian government’s policy of refoulement is killing genuine refugees Christopher Isherwood, author of Goodbye To Berlin, knew when the party was over.


My Mr Gay World Madness!

“To present the next award, please welcome to the stage the Editor of DNA magazine, Andrew Creagh.” WTF? It’s nice to be asked to present something at an awards ceremony, but it’s also nice to be asked in advance. And it’s kinda nice to be ready backstage to go on, rather than be sitting in the audience when you’re announced!...