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Sam by Drew K Photo (21-Apr-2015)

Drew K Photo returns to the DNA blog with some sexy snaps of Sam. He was featured as an Insta-Stud over the weekend and we’re thrilled to see some more sexy snaps of him.

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Anatoly Goncharov by Tema Saturday (21-Apr-2015)

Fresh from his recent Mate of the Month win, we’ve been sent some more exclusive snaps of Anatoly Goncharov. They were captured by Tema Saturday.

Insta-Stud: Francis Mossman (21-Apr-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud is the seriously sexy Francis Mossman. You may recognise him from The Horizon and inside the latest issue of DNA.

WATCH: Red Hot 2016 Calendar - Behind The Scenes (21-Apr-2015)

Do you love a man with ginger hair? You’re going to love this video.

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Drew K Photo presents Cody: Part Two (20-Apr-2015)

Over the weekend we introduced you guys to an adorable fella named Cody. We thought he deserved another post on the blog.

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Man-ic Monday: Garrett Neff (20-Apr-2015)

Mondays sucks, but they’re a whole lot better when we have shirtless hottties to check out. Luckily that’s our specialty on the DNA blog.

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Aronik Underwear Hotties (20-Apr-2015)

Anyone else feel like checking out some beautiful fellas showing lots of flesh? You’ll love these guys.

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Albert Ritort by Andreu Mena (20-Apr-2015)

Meet Albert Ritort who is making his DNA blog debut today. If you couldn’t tell by his stunning good looks and sexy bod, Albert is a fashion model and personal trainer.

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Klaus Burkart - Germany’s MGW Delegate (19-Apr-2015)

Today we’re checking out Klaus Burkart who will represent Germany at the Mr Gay World competition in a few weeks. He’s a milk technician who enjoys Mexican food, Game of Thrones and spending time with his family.

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Andreu Mena presents Francesc Gasco (19-Apr-2015)

Are you in the mood to check out a sexy fella with a hairy chest? Look no further than Francesc Gasco.

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WATCH: Riyadh - End Marriage Inequality (20-Apr-2015)

One of our favourite YouTubers, Riyadh K, has posted an emotional clip online in the lead up to Ireland’s Marriage Equality referendum in May. Riyadh tells his story and shares experiences of how he was bullied and discriminated against for being gay.

DNA Make Me Hot 2015 (20-Apr-2015)

Exciting news! Entries are still open for this year's DNA Make Me Hot Challenge. Would you like to be fitter, healthier and feel better? Would you like to be sexier? Would you like DNA to make you hot?

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Poll: Do You Use Netflix? (16-Apr-2015)

Today at DNA we want to know if you use Netflix. The service has finally been made available to Australia and some of the DNA team are hooked to it.

From DNA Magazine: My Parents Want To Kill Me (15-Apr-2015)

Hakan is young, gay and Turkish. His mother wants Allah to beat the gay out of him, his father wants to kill him. Greg Page presents this shocking story; a prescient reminder that gay rights are still a matter of life and death in many parts of the world.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Announces Presidential Bid With Gay Couples (13-Apr-2015)

Hillary Clinton has announced that she will run for President in 2016 with a new video. Same-sex couples are included in the clip which showcases everyday Americans and their plans for getting started.

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Do You Use Netflix?



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Burgess(?) Twins

About a year ago, I read in some Blog about the Burgess? (not sure if that is their last name) ...

  21-Mar-2015 8:57 replies: 1


featured guys/models

has anyone else noticed that the number of comments of late have been dropping right off? ...

- lakeplacid49
  10-Mar-2015 22:50 replies: 1

Irony of Ironies

After seeing the cover of #182 I couldn't wait to see the spread inside. A big smile ...

  20-Feb-2015 18:32 replies: 0

From The Editor

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Pass The Bucks

I’ve been invited to a gay bucks night. At last! For too long, heterosexuals have had a monopoly, not just on marriage itself, but on the humiliating and debasing rituals that accompany ...

I’ve been invited to a gay bucks night. At last! For too long, heterosexuals have had a monopoly, not just on marriage itself, but on the humiliating and debasing rituals that accompany it. more


Dogma Attack!

The day after Islamic fundamentalists murdered twelve people at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, a friend of mine ran into some trouble at a train station in Sydney. It was morning ...


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Changing Times

A few years ago, I shared an apartment with someone who was in the process of transitioning from being a girl to being a boy. When I interviewed prospective housemates, this young man asked me, “Do you have a problem with transsexuals?”...


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Damned If They Do

The Australian government’s policy of refoulement is killing genuine refugees Christopher Isherwood, author of Goodbye To Berlin, knew when the party was over.


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My Mr Gay World Madness!

“To present the next award, please welcome to the stage the Editor of DNA magazine, Andrew Creagh.” WTF? It’s nice to be asked to present something at an awards ceremony, but it’s also nice to be asked in advance. And it’s kinda nice to be ready backstage to go on, rather than be sitting in the audience when you’re announced!...