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Undies Week Day Three: Stefan (2-Dec-2015)

Remember Stefan Gatt? He was our irresistible cover boy for DNA #139.

These Shirtless Snaps Of Micah Blaise Are Getting Us Hot And Bothered (2-Dec-2015)

Meet Micah Blaise. He’s the latest hottie to pose for Rick Day and we’re pretty sure we’re in love with him.

Eight of Alex Lo’s Sexiest Instagram Snaps (2-Dec-2015)

Say hello to one of the sexiest guys from Mexico City. Alex Lo regularly updates his Instagram page with shirtless snaps, sexy selfies and plenty of hot shots.

Brisbane Hottie Tyler Iwinski Is Helping Us Celebrate Hump Day (2-Dec-2015)

Say hello to Tyler Iwinski. He’s 19-years-old and is from Brisbane, Australia.

Undies Week Day Two: Steven Watson (1-Dec-2015)

We’re celebrating underwear on the DNA blog this week and today is all about Steven Watson. He shows off his ripped bod and beautiful butt in this shoot by photographer Kevin D Hoover.

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Hot Model Jeff Shows Off Sexy Bod In Underwear Shoot (1-Dec-2015)

Are you guys ready for another underwear hottie? Photographer Armando Adajar returns to the DNA blog with a hottie we know you’re going to love.

There’s A Reason This Guy Won The Asian Physique Model Search Last Year (1-Dec-2015)

Meet Josh Tay. He’s a physique model based in Singapore who is trying to make it big internationally.

We Can't Get Enough Of Nature Hottie Ramon Rodrigues (1-Dec-2015)

Our favourite nature hottie is back! Ramon Rodrigues shows off his hot bod and gets in touch with nature in this shoot by photographer Rafael Capella.

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Quinton Wynn Sizzles On The New Swimwear Edition Of DNA (30-Nov-2015)

DNA #191 is our Annual Swimwear Edition. Our cover model this month is Quinton Wynn. Check out his fun shoot with Hayden Su inside.

Gospel Of A Gay Folk Hero (30-Nov-2015)

The space where sprituality, sexuality and culture collide is fertile ground for novelist Mark Frew. In his latest, A Right To Love, a familiar character returns, and, could he find love against the odds?

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Little Person Discusses Being Different In The Gay Community (1-Dec-2015)

Meet Joey Navedo. He’s a little person who also happens to be gay.

Today is World Aids Day. How To Prevent HIV Transmission (1-Dec-2015)

World AIDS Day

Did you know that December One is World AIDS day? The aim of the day is to encourage all people, whether you’re gay, straight, bi, trans, etc to be aware of HIV. It’s also about promoting safe sex and getting rid of the stigma and discrimination that's associated with HIV.

What Would You Do If Your Child Was Gay? (30-Nov-2015)

Have you guys seen this clip doing the rounds on The Interwebs? Culture Beats asked people from all over the world what they would do if their child was gay.

Tina Arena Slayed The Arias Last Night. (27-Nov-2015)

Did you guys see Tina Arena at the Aria awards last night? She sang the hell out of Chains with The Veronicas and Jess Mauboy.

Poll: Have You Purchased Adele’s New Album 25? (26-Nov-2015)

Adele dropped her third album 25 on Friday and it’s on track to sell three million copies in the USA this week alone. Today at DNA we want to know if you’re an Adele fan and if you’ve purchased the album.

Hello From The Other Side

Have You Purchased Adele's New Album 25?



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'Closet Cases'

I am perplexed by the responses from gay posters who cry 'foul' whenever one posts a comment that they think some celeb hunk is gay! Their reaction is 'how dare you suggest that so and so is gay! He is an ally of ours (oh yeah, they post (celeb) that they are'  friends of  Dorothy' and want to show their support of the gay community !) and we should respect their empathy for us and not try to suggest that they might be gay! The 'posters' responses seem to suggest that being gay is a mark of shame and we must not vilify these poor souls by suggesting that they are gay! Has anyone else come to this conclusion?...

  25-Nov-2015 3:12 replies: 0

PLEASE HELP-WHat is it????

HI Can any one tell me what is the name of the shoes fromthe cover of magazine #188??? ...

  22-Nov-2015 3:32 replies: 1

Current Survey re Holidays

Having voted in the curent survey I am reminded of the time some friends asked me to go camping ...

  5-Nov-2015 13:23 replies: 0

From The Editor

Let’s waste $160 million!

Australia doesn’t need a marriage equality plebiscite; we need simple fairness.  


Taylor Swift who?

Making the grade in our Entertainment Issue. The DNA office went quiet. No one could look me in the eye. Suddenly everyone remembered important things they were supposed to be doing elsewhere. What had I done?


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It's Time To Go, Tony

If only it were this easy… “Australia, to the diary room.” “Hello Big Brother.” “Australia, who do you nominate for eviction?”


Our Messy Alphabet Soup (20-Aug-2015)

Or, why there’s no “me” in LGBT.


Not Cool To Be Cruel (29-Jun-2015)

Could we be our own worst enemies?