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2015 October Mate of the Month: Week Two (9-Oct-2015)

Who was the hottest guy this week? Vote now!

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Hottest Math Teacher In The World Returns (9-Oct-2015)

We certainly wouldn’t mind Pietro Boselli teaching us a lesson or two. The hottest math teacher in the world returns in these sexy black and white snaps by Charlie by Matthew Zink with art direction by Luis Cintron.

DILF of the Day: Mark Avraham (9-Oct-2015)

Who are you guys crushing on today? We can’t get enough of Mark Avraham.

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Model Spotlight: Model Yotam Solomon (9-Oct-2015)

Today we’re putting a model spotlight on the seriously sexy Model Yotam Soloman. He first appeared on the DNA blog last week and we can’t get enough of him.

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Cyril’s Sexy Six Pack (8-Oct-2015)

Photographer Mateo Armand is back on the DNA blog with another hottie you’re going to love. Say hello to Cyril B.

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Eye Candy: Gerard and Victor (8-Oct-2015)

We wouldn’t mind sharing a lollypop with these sexy fellas. Gerard Casper Vack and Victor Manuel show off their fit bods in these campaign shots for Modus Vivendi’s Candy Line range.

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Kristijan Voted This Week's Hottest Guy (8-Oct-2015)

Today we’re checking out some more sexy snaps of Kristijan who DNA readers voted our hottest guy this week. The 24-year-old street workout competitor from Croatia won last week's round of Mate of the Month with 41 percent of the total vote.

Photography Spotlight: Facu Mart by Jorge Pereira (8-Oct-2015)

Today DNA is putting a photography spotlight on Jorge Pereira. He’s a Portuguese born photographer who now lives simultaneously between Sitges and San Francisco.

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Mike Ruiz Launches Adorable Hunks and Hounds Calendar (7-Oct-2015)

Do you love hunky men? How about adorable puppies?

10 Times Arad W Was Sexy On Instagram (7-Oct-2015)

Do we have any fans of Arad Winwin out there? He’s appeared on the DNA blog quite a few times now and it turns out he has a super sexy Instagram page.

Latest News

Gay Wedding Coming To House Husbands (8-Oct-2015)

Do we have any fans of House Husbands out there? Season four of the hit Aussie drama comes to an end on Monday but it’s going to be an exciting episode.

From DNA Magazine: 5 Steps To Amazing Abs (8-Oct-2015)

Follow these five steps in the kitchen to get the six-pack you want in the bedroom! PHOTOGRAPHY ROSS BROWNSDON

Poll: What Do You Call Them? (8-Oct-2015)

Today at DNA we want to know what you call the footwear you wear to the beach. Are they thongs?

Danny Pintauro Shares HIV Message On The View (7-Oct-2015)

A few days ago ‘Who’s The Boss?’ star revealed he has been HIV positive for 12 years but wanted to use his story to educate gay men and hopefully save lives. He stopped by The View where he revealed he became very involved with meth and the gay sex scene after coming out of a long term relationship.

WATCH: Gay Age Gap Part Two (7-Oct-2015)

“I can only watch things on my phone.” Do you ever struggle with the gay age gap?

At The Beach

Beach Footwear: What Do You Call Them?



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Wrestling Hunks

Whatever you think of pro-wrestling there is no doubt a bevy of magnificent bodies, wearing very ...

  8-Oct-2015 22:33 replies: 1

What is your guesstimate of the hunks in DNA as being gay, bi?

I asked this same question on other blogs, but , so far, no replies. It doesn't compute that ...

  28-Jun-2015 5:00 replies: 0


Your Thoughts!

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  27-Jun-2015 9:59 replies: 1

From The Editor

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It's Time To Go, Tony

If only it were this easy… “Australia, to the diary room.” “Hello Big Brother.” “Australia, who do you nominate for eviction?”


Our Messy Alphabet Soup (20-Aug-2015)

Or, why there’s no “me” in LGBT.


Not Cool To Be Cruel (29-Jun-2015)

Could we be our own worst enemies?


Drag Time

Out of the gay bars and onto the small screen! Lip-synching drag dolls are finding an international stage – and why not?  


That’s Mister Fashionista, To You!

That’s Mister Fashionista, To You! Is there such a thing as a gay fashion sense? Well, what have we got style-wise in the DNA office? Phillip says he’s nerdy, Jared is ...

That’s Mister Fashionista, To You! Is there such a thing as a gay fashion sense? Well, what have we got style-wise in the DNA office? Phillip says he’s nerdy, Jared is clean-cut, Jesse is sporty, and I’m dykey. All we need is a tone-deaf ginger and we’d be the Spice Girls. more