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The Beautiful Ben Todd by Hayden Su (14-Oct-2015)

Do we have any Ben Todd fans out there? Ben was one of DNA’s Sexiest Men Alive this year and we’ve been treated to some more sexy snaps!

Model Spotlight: Jakub Šmucr

Today DNA is putting a model spotlight on Jakub Šmucr. He’s from the Czech Republic and appears on, a new fitness modelling website specialising in up-and-coming models from Eastern Europe.

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Beach Bod of the Day: Duny De La Cruz (14-Oct-2015)

Summer is just around the corner in Australia and here’s a hottie who’s getting us excited for beach weather. Duny De La Cruz is the owner of BaNG Clothes and is a model and designer.

MLF Photography presents The Sexy Jamie (14-Oct-2015)

Mike Fraser of MLF Photography has treated the DNA blog to a budding model he’s been working with. Say hello to Jamie.

Celebrity Skin: Jason Momoa (13-Oct-2015)

We’re a lot more excited for the new Aquaman movie after coming across these sexy snaps. Jason Momoa went for a skateboard and showed off his hunky bod.

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Quick Click: Jonathan Davis (13-Oct-2015)

Has anyone ever looked this good in underwear? Jonathan Davis shows off his hot bod in these stunning snaps by photographer Marco Ovando.

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10 Times Jared Bradford Was The Cutest Guy On Instagram (13-Oct-2015)

We’re a little bit obsessed with Jared Bradford at the moment. The sexy actor and model has a smokin’ hot Instagram page full of sexy shots.

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This Week’s Hottest #TowelTuesday Posts (13-Oct-2015)

Today is Tuesday which means we get to check out some of the sexiest men on Instagram wearing nothing but a towel. The popular trend has been around for a while and we certainly hope it doesn’t disappear anytime soon.

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Hunk of the Day: Avi by Leo Castro (12-Oct-2015)

Wow! We think we’ve found our future husband. This is Avi and he’s beyond hunky.

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Man Crush Monday: Juan Fernando De La Torre (12-Oct-2015)

Who are you guys crushing on today? We can’t take our eyes off of Juan Fernando De La Torre.

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WATCH: People Read Coming Out Stories (13-Oct-2015)

So you may need a tissue (or 100) after checking out this video by the team at BuzzFeed. They asked people of Facebook to share their coming out stories and then got others to read them.

WATCH: The Saint of Dry Creek (13-Oct-2015)

This has to be one of the coolest things we’ve seen today. In The Saint of Dry Creek, Patrick Haggerty explains some life changing advice his father gave him in the 1950s.

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Nothing But The Truth - Interview With Josh Thomas (13-Oct-2015)

Whether he’s discussing masturbation with US television executives, taking a homophobic politician to task, or writing the third season of his acclaimed show Please Like Me, honesty is the best policy for Josh Thomas. Story by Andrew Creagh.

WATCH: Matt Bomer Discusses American Horror Story with Ellen (12-Oct-2015)

The new season of American Horror Story airs tonight in Australia and we’re getting into the mood with this interview. The totes adorable Matt Bomer stopped by The Ellen Show to discuss his intimate scenes with Lady Gaga.

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Does Anybody Else Understand This Orthodox Priest Calendar? (12-Oct-2015)

Priests doing sexual stuff with other men - that seems to be the winning formula for the Orthodox Priest Calendar. Some fresh snaps from the 2016 calendar are doing the rounds on the interwebs and we’re confused…

At The Beach

Beach Footwear: What Do You Call Them?



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It's Time To Go, Tony

If only it were this easy… “Australia, to the diary room.” “Hello Big Brother.” “Australia, who do you nominate for eviction?”


Our Messy Alphabet Soup (20-Aug-2015)

Or, why there’s no “me” in LGBT.


Not Cool To Be Cruel (29-Jun-2015)

Could we be our own worst enemies?


Drag Time

Out of the gay bars and onto the small screen! Lip-synching drag dolls are finding an international stage – and why not?  


That’s Mister Fashionista, To You!

That’s Mister Fashionista, To You! Is there such a thing as a gay fashion sense? Well, what have we got style-wise in the DNA office? Phillip says he’s nerdy, Jared is ...

That’s Mister Fashionista, To You! Is there such a thing as a gay fashion sense? Well, what have we got style-wise in the DNA office? Phillip says he’s nerdy, Jared is clean-cut, Jesse is sporty, and I’m dykey. All we need is a tone-deaf ginger and we’d be the Spice Girls. more