Pulling The Curtains On Gay Aussie Celebrity Orgies

Jack Vidgen PTSD cover (Supplied)

On Wednesday, July 13, Carla From Bankstown released an episode on her podcast OMG BRO with Jack Vidgen where he reveals how he was almost in a threesome with a gay celebrity couple.


During his guest appearance on OMG BRO, singer Jack Vidgen tells Carla From Bankstown about the time when he was almost the third in a celebrity threesome. Vidgen was a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent during season five in 2011.

The episode is structured as a sit-down chat where Carla encourages her guests to share personal stories, get to know her better and reveal some piping hot tea. “You can get comfortable, take your bra off doll or whatever you like,” says Carla.

Listeners were excited for this episode with Vidgen because, aside from the fact he’s gorgeous and funny, he is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and they knew he would have some juicy stories. They weren’t disappointed.

After the podcast turned to discussing hookup stories, Vidgen spoke about his experience in LA where he reportedly hooked up with an actor from a popular children’s action series franchise, who came in Vidgen’s eye and it got so bad he called an ambulance the next day.

Jack also revealed the time he went home with a famous couple. “When I was a bit younger I went home with, like, a couple that I’ll just say is in the public eye. It was an attempted threesome, and I was a bit younger, like, 20. I just chickened out and I felt weird and bad.

“I’ve had orgies since, but it was my first time and other people were around the house as well because it was like a kick-ons… That was my first time at Poof Doof in Melbourne,” says Vidgen.

Keeping it classy, Jack didn’t reveal anything about that couple except that they were public-facing and Aussie. But it goes to show that even celebrities like to get some.

Throughout the full episode, Vidgen gives great insight into what it’s like dating in the gay scene as a celebrity and how hooking up hasn’t really been hindered by his notoriety. “I’ve done Grindr over the years for sure. I definitely have not let people recognising me stop me at all,” says Vidgen.

It’s an odd sort of comfort knowing that famous people have nightmare hookups and wild orgies. It’s not often you get to look at an idol and say, “Yeah me too”. You can listen to all the hot goss with Jack Vidgen on Carla From Bankstown’s OMG BRO podcast available on Anchor and regular streaming platforms.

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