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DNA Magazine  |  #205 – Underwear Issue

It’s time to take your pants off… because this month’s DNA is all about underwear. The issue is jam-packed with the latest trends in underwear styles with an in-depth guide by our fashion guru Joshua Heath. 

For the more adventurous and confident, fashion model Gabriel Garcia shows off the unique style of men’s lace underwear that’s on trend.

This issue, we also pay tribute to George Michael – the man, the music, the icon. In this special feature, Marc Andrews reflects on George’s career highlights and some of his personal lows. Steve Pafford recalls his up-close-and-personal encounters with George, and we unearth a great anecdote from Aussie music’s Paul Mac – something to do with “fluffing”!

Openly gay UFC fighter, Timothy Guest joins us to talk about overcoming ADHD and depression and how he went from go-go boy and jail bird to ultimate fighting champion.

On the cover, Abel Cruz from Photo Studio Miami captures the body-licious Jason Whidby in rocket-fuelled shoot that will leave you begging for more!

For art lovers, we showcase the work of the world famous Ross Watson ahead of his up-coming Sydney exhibition and take a look at a unique Bollywood adaptation of the classic fairytale Cinderella – with an all-male cast.

All that, and so much more in this month’s DNA Magazine.


FROM THE EDITOR – Let’s celebrate the George Michael yea.

BURNTTOAST – Inside the minds of DNA readers! Emails, letters, Tweets, Facebook posts, carrier pigeon dispatches and ramblings.


THE MONTH IN A MINUTE – The stuff making news!


THEATRE REVIEW – Declan Greene, one half of Sisters Grimm, throws down the theatrical gauntlet once again… with faggots and gravy.

DEAR DIVA – Making sense of the shit life throws!


HEALTH WITH DR ZAC – Big cultural festivals like the Mardi Gras, with parades, parties and dancing all night, can take their toll on your health. Here’s how to minimize the damage…



STYLE – The choices available to men in the underwear department are greater now than ever. Technical innovations in design and fabric along with designers coming up with increasingly creative ranges means men are getting better fitting and better looking underwear. Our Style guy, Joshua Heath profiled some of the brands that are doing the best…

NUTTIER THAN A SQUIRREL TURD – (here’s what the haters have been saying…)


MOONLIGHT REVIEW – It’s a masterpiece and the must-see film of the year but, writes Katie Jowett, perhaps Moonlight is also one of the best gay films ever.

ME, MY SELFIE, I – Like millions of people around the world, Chris Wilks snaps images of himself on his smart phone and posts them to Instagram. He never expected where it would lead…

TV’S ACCIDENTAL ACTIVIST – Crime thriller Eyewitness and Jennifer Lopez’s cop drama Shades Of Blue are pushing the boundaries for gay characters on TV. The man behind both is straight producer/writer Adi Hasak – in his own words, “an accidental LGBTQ activist”. Interview by Marc Andrews.

ICELAND’S FUFANU – They’re called Fufanu and their second album Sports could make them bigger than Björk. Interview by Marc Andrews.

ROSS WATSON EXHIBIT – Ross Watson’s works hang in public and private galleries around the world, his fans include Elton John, Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry, and a new exhibition opens soon.


WILD! – Gabriel Garcia in lace, in a field. Total fire ban, please, this is hot. By Adrian C Martin.

ATTENTION! – Army Of Men have taken the leather uniform and redeployed. By Raf And Way.


BOLLYWOOD CINDERELLA – What happens when you re-tell the story of Cinderella in the style of Bollywood with an all-male cast? We find out.

GEORGE MICHAEL – Our salute to the sadly departed icon of music, style and sex! By Marc Andrews and Paul Mac.

I WANT YOUR SEX – Steve Pafford recall his professional and personal involvements with the late, great GM.

TIMMY GUEST – Meet the man who wants to be the first openly-gay UFC Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

FARFADAIS – Naked bodies intertwined metres above the ground. It’s a story of love, trust and core strength! By Riley-McFarlane Photography.


DNA POOL PARTY – Wet speedos, wet drag queen, crazy-sexy guys. Heaps-o-fun!

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