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ON THE COVER Gene photographed by Simon Le.


NORMAN BEDARD ’80s pop star Norman Iceberg now goes by his real name.
JONATHAN LOVITZ The actor takes a stand.
MOBY “People have always assumed I was gay.”
JAMES VARNISH Melbourne electro-pop artist proves age is no barrier.
JOSH STRICKLAND Star of Holly’s World on how real reality TV really is.
RHYS NICOLSON Young gay comedian who loves shocking straight audiences.


LOVE OR HATE? Does the ex-gay movement have the right to free speech?
PARADISE FOUND 25 pages of great travel reads.
THE WHITSUNDAYS Sun, surf and, eek!, stingrays.
GOLD COAST Misbehaving in one of Australia’s great tourist destinations.
TURTLE COVE The iconic Aussie gay resort gets a face lift and a make-over.
HORSING AROUND A horseback ride from the rainforest to the ocean.
COLD AS ICE How to survive a European winter vacation sans luggage!
DJ PONY Why he loves New York and how he got his nickname.
MR INTERNATIONAL Dane Green’s job is to jet between the world’s hottest gay spots.
THE CONVICT STAIN In early Australia, same-sex was the norm, not the exception.
RISKY BUSINESS Has safe sex become negotiable?


DOWN TIME By Jorge Rivas
UNDER WRAPS By Jorge Rivas.
GENE By Simon Le.


BURNTTOAST We’ve got mail.
FROM THE EDITOR Travel, fashion, underpants!
SMORGASBORD A selection of tasty morsels.
STRAIGHT MATE Premier’s son-turned-model, Nick Bracks.
WHO’S HOT Peter Le, photographed by West Phillips.
DESIGN The Palace Hotel, Madrid.
GAY WORLD Alluring but complex Israel.
HISTORIC HOMOS The rise and fall of writer Truman Capote.
DOLLARS AND SENSE Eurovision in a homophobic nation? Is that a good idea?
DNA MAN Stretches out on the beach…
FITNESS Maintaining winter motivation.
FASHION What kind of traveller are you?
GROOMING Are you happy with the size of your cock?
REVIEWS All the books, DVDs and CDs we think you’ll enjoy.
URBAN HOMO Finds himself in Tahiti…

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