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ON THE COVER Stefan Gatt by Thomas Synnamon.


THE WAIT IS OVER A New York couple can finally marry after 61 years together.
BARRATT WAUGH The perfect trifecta: gorgeous, gifted and gay.
JUDITH LUCY The comedian tackles serious issues of faith.
DARREN CRISS Yet another reason to watch Glee.
KANGABOY Hot new fashion label that has a social conscience.
 As painted by Ross Watson.
MARGARET CHO Returning to Australia.
GAY/STRAIGHT ROLES When will openly gay actors be given leading straight roles?


DAN MATHEWS Gay vegan punk to the rescue!
WET DREAM COME TRUE What would you do if you walked into a pornographic fantasy?
SEA CHANGE As Brighton Pride struggles, a new event is blossoming.
SACRED AND PROFANE Australian photographer Luke Hardy’s Japanese exposé.
‘I BOTTOMED FOR GAGA!’ Dancer Mike Munich reveals all.
HYPER IN HONG KONG The hot travel destination is now chasing the pink dollar.
QUEEN OF THE CASTLE Experience old time luxury in your own slice of history.
JESSE ARCHER Actor/writer/producer and self-confessed deviant.
TO 3 OR NOT TO 3? Ever considered inviting a third person into your bedroom?
CHANGING GUARD Is the gay scene dying? Or is it just evolving?


STEFAN GATTS Shot by Thomas Synnamon.
FULL BODY CONTACT Corbin Fisher’s hottest models play with each other.


BURNTTOAST We’ve got mail.
FROM THE EDITOR Travel, fashion, underpants!
SMORGASBORD A selection of tasty morsels.
STRAIGHT MATE Aussie actor John Adam.
GROOMING Will’s A-to-Z guide for looking and feeling great.
DNA MAN Checks himself out…
GAY WORLD One of the best spots for gays to live or visit: Portugal.
FITNESS Why sleep is essential for your body as well as your mind.
DESIGN Parker Palm Springs, California.
HISTORIC HOMO Mistreated genius Alan Turing.
DOLLARS AND SENSE The quest for relevance, by any means possible.
FASHION Iconic Ermenegildo Zegna.
REVIEWS All the books, DVDs and CDs we think you’ll enjoy.
URBAN HOMO Back from Tahiti and in desperate need of a make-over.

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