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ON THE COVER Courtney Grant photographed by David Vance.


CUT COPY They want to destroy the world! Kind of.
OH MERCY Making pop music sexier. Yay!
GRAEME AITKEN The author on his latest gay romp.
PET SHOP BOYS A ballet score – their best work yet?
GARCON GARCON Don’t call them the Pet Shop Bears!
STEPHEN FRY 10 fab facts about this mad genius.
HANNAH GADSBY …answers our cheeky questions about lesbians!


 Who are the most influential gays this year?
ANTI-GAY FOR PAY Why the Westboro Church loves being hated by the world.
REVEREND GENE ROBINSON How this inspiring gay priest smashed the glass ceiling.
RAFAEL BONACHELLA Leading the Sydney Dance Company into new territory.
FROM BEGINNING TO END “It’s not a film about gay incest.” It kinda is though.


PERFECTION That’s how we describe Courtney Grant. Photography by David Vance.
AUSSIE MALE Daniel Garofali in Oscar Calvo’s gear.
BACKSTAGE PASS: MILAN Fernando Barraza takes us behind the scenes at fashion week.


BURNTTOAST Readers react to Lucas Ridgeston.
FROM THE EDITOR Did Gaga get it right?
SMORGASBORD Fun stuff in bite-sized pieces.
DOLLARS AND SENSE What’s going up your nose?
LONDON CALLING Lee’s off to Barcelona this month.
STRAIGHT MATE Scott Irwin is very musical, but still loves the ladies.
HEATH JORDAN “I love my hairy body!” And so do his porn fans.
DNA MAN “I am Spartacus!”
GAY WORLD Murder, music and madness in Jamaica.
DESIGN Berlin’s Ritz Carlton after a ritzy renovation!
FITNESS How motivation makes your workout work better.
GROOMING What is Will doing with a chicken this month?
REVIEWS The latest music, DVD and books for your consideration.
DVDs Bear City growls and Peter Berlin prowls!
URBAN HOMO “Bali High” sums it up!

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