It’s Spooky Season Again – Halloween Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate The End Of Lockdowns

Halloween shoot (James Franklin)

PHOTOGRAPHER: James Franklin | Instagram

In what seems like a seasonal miracle, many east-coast Australians are being set free just in time for Halloween. Sydney and, especially, Melbourne have been in long-time covid lockdown, but with restrictions easing and Halloween rounding the corner, we suspect a lot of gays are going to take the opportunity to dress up, or down, and… make up for lost time!

As dictated by Mean Girls, Halloween is an opportunity to dress like a total slut without being judged, and a whole lotta gays are certain to take this advice and run with it.

Halloween used to see people dressing as zombies, witches, superheroes or policemen. It’s really more or less the same – except sluttier.

If you’re looking for inspiration, DNA has just the thing to help you get in the mood. Check out James Franklin’s photo-series featuring a veritable cornucopia of scantily-dressed men on Halloween; there’s everything from sexy, to silly to slutty!

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