Evangelical Christians Link Coronavirus To LGBTIQ People

USA Christian Church

In a video posted to YouTube (that has since been taken down for violating YouTube terms), conservative Evangelical Christian pastor, Steven Andrew has linked the coronavirus to the LGBTIQ community and declared March “Repent for LGBT Sin Month”.

In his post, Andrew, who is pastor of the far-right USA Christian Church, urged his followers to pray the gay away in order to protect “the USA from diseases, such as the Coronavirus”.

“God’s love shows it is urgent to repent because the Bible teaches homosexuals lose their souls and God destroys LGBT societies,” Andrew said.

“Our safety is at stake since national disobedience of God’s laws brings danger and diseases, such as coronavirus, but obeying God brings covenant protection… God protects the USA from danger as the country repents of LGBT, false gods, abortion and other sins.”

Andrew is not alone. Pastor EW Jackson told listeners of his radio show that the “homovirus” has infected the United States.

“The last thing in the world the black community needs is more destruction of the family, more attacks on the family, and that’s all this whole homosexual movement amounts to,” Jackson said. “It is a virulent, violent attack. You know what? I’m going to get in trouble for this one, but this is right off the presses: It is the homovirus for the family.”

“Of course, I am speaking from a spiritual and a psychological perspective. I hope that no one misunderstands my little putting together of two things, because you know we’re talking about this coronavirus”

The more Jackson attempted to explain his position, however, the more confused his message became. He continued:

“I’m not talking about physical illness. I’m not talking about pronouncing any physical curses on people.”

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