Dixon Dallas Wants His Man To Lay Him Down And Give Him Something To Feel…


We at DNA are big fans of Dixon Dallas’ music despite the fact that we still aren’t 100 per cent sure whether it’s satire! The country singer popped up on TikTok with expressive tracks such as Like Whiskey and Good Lookin’ which contain very gay lyrics.

On Friday, November 3, Dixon released a new track called Something To Feel, another certified gay banger.

If There’s One Thing We Know For Sure, Dixon Dallas Doesn’t Hold Back

In nearly every Dixon Dallas track, the country singer expresses his sexual urges for other men in scintillating detail. Country music hasn’t always traditionally welcomed LGBTQIA+ artists although it’s 2023 and things have definitely changed.

Dixon Dallas is the pseudonym for rapper Jake Hill and the music styles between these two artist personas have little in common. We’ve speculated in previous articles whether he’s being facetious, but it’s more fun to sit back and enjoy the camp.

In Something To Feel, Dixon sings about wanting a man to take control in the bedroom. We see and appreciate our sub-king for that!

The lyrics:

I need a man to lay me down and give me something to feel. Come pull me closer. Bend me over. I’m just here for the thrill.

No strings attached. I arch my back and let you do what you want. Yeah, you can use me as you please. I’m on my knees.

I’ll go and grab a couple candles, you grab me by the throat,

Nothin’ I can’t handle, it’s just a little choke.

Don’t be shy, I like it rough, it ain’t enough until I’m screaming your name.

Don’t make me beg, unless you want it, you know I ain’t ashamed.

All we have to say is: Ah-men.

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