Timothee Chalamet Does Troye Sivan!


Well, was Timothee Chalamet showing his ass and calling himself a twink on anyone else’s 2023 bingo card? Thanks to a skit on Saturday Night Live, we got a chance to see exactly that – what’s even juicier is that Timmy T was doing an impression of none other than Troye Sivan!

Timmy, Troye And Twinkhood

There’s not much more to say that the video doesn’t show but it was certainly a ride getting to watch Timothee emulate the Got Me Started dance (kind of) and flash his red undies as Troye did. In this particular scene, Timothee plays Troye who is a woman’s sleep paralysis demon and appears to her in a hospital-induced experiment.

Always one to make their skits meta, SNL had Timothee say: “I’m an Australian YouTube twink turned indie-pop star, and model turned HBO actor Troye Sivan being played by an American actor who can’t do an Australian accent.”

Troye was a good sport as always reposting the clip on his Instagram with the caption: “WHY IS LIFE SO WEIRDDDDD RN LMAO IM DEAD.”

In case this skit couldn’t get any gayer, this episode was hosted by none other than Boygenius (the queer women will definitely get who this is). The trio that is Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker also appear in this skit as three extra Troye Sivans.


The fact he cant do an Australian accent but still embodies Troye 😂😂 #troyesivan #timotheechalamet #2023 #snl #sketch #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – heyheyhey4329

Reactions to the skit have been ecstatic for the most part. “This sketch was stupid af; I loved every second,” commented one TikTok user. “I don’t know why. They look like they came off the same twink production assembly line,” says another.

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