Joao Pereira by Philippe Escalier | Part 1

Joao Pereira (Philippe Escalier)

PHOTOGRAPHER: Philippe Escalier | Instagram
MODEL: Joao Pereira | Instagram

“Joao is always full of positivity and energy in his vibrant and eclectic lifestyle. He fits in one day what some people would do in a weekend, while being present in each moment,” says photographer Philippe. “Challenging calisthenics routines, delicious dining experiences, fantastic art exhibitions, Anjunadeep gigs and incredible travel photos are some examples.”

“I met João through Instagram. His kindness made us stay in touch until he could come to Paris. I know that he likes to travel, that he is interested in culture but also in gastronomy. I want proof that he started the shooting by eating an excellent chocolate cake from one of the best pastry chef in Paris. But obviously, his greed does not prevent him from having a perfect physical shape!”

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