Actor Tim Draxl Announces Second Art Exhibition, “Ten Degrees”

Tim Draxl (Supplied)

After the sell-out success of his first exhibition, In Between | The Act Of Painting, Australian actor Tim Draxl is set to release his latest collection entitled Ten Degrees.

This exhibition will be displayed by Rex-Livingston Art + Objects and will be exhibited from Saturday, September 11. Draxl has used his paintings as a way to navigate the complex experience of being in lockdown. Each new painting acts as a mechanism that opens a window into the deeper feelings and consciousness of the artist.

Artist Tim Draxl

Using performance as a means to explore the self has always been a driving force behind Draxl’s motivations as an artist. As an actor, Draxl notes that taking on a character will always involve utilising his own personal experiences to inform the role. As a painter, Draxl allows for his own life to play out on the canvas in abstract, emotional ways.

Hypnogogia by Tim Draxl

“In the early days of my film career, I was really concerned about making my mark as an actor. I was so worried about not being able to show my range from one role to the next and being thought of as a one-trick pony that I overcompensated… A friend of mine, the actress Pia Miranda, told me that every performance is affected by what’s happening in one’s real life. She told me to trust in my evolution as a human being and it would inherently inform my performances,” explains Draxl.

“In the same way, each painting inherently reflects a certain stage in my everyday life and a particular emotion on any given day. These emotions manifest on the canvas, but it’s not a forced process. For me, it’s like a trust exercise – a trust in the emotion transferring to the painting.”

Muladhara by Tim Draxl

Ten Degrees was curated by David Rex-Livingston who said he was thrilled to welcome Draxl back to his gallery. “I was incredibly excited when Tim told me he was heading back to the studio. His work continues to develop in the expressionist genre of painting, exploring the links between emotion, colour and mark making, resulting in a dynamic and gestural visual harmony,” said Rex-Livingston.

Tim Draxl’s Ten Degrees exhibition will launch on Saturday, September 11 via a zoom opening with Draxl at 1pm. The paintings will also be available to view online from the Rex-Livingston Art + Objects website.

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