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DNA Magazine | #233 – The Wedding Issue

On The Cover, Diego Sechi: Sexy from Miami.

Rod And Cesar Rings, tuxedos, fine wines, dog… it’s a gay wedding! 

15 Fab Wedding Locations Why choose a run-of-the-mill function centre when you could wed somewhere truly spectacular?

Robbie and Joep Together 45 years and finally wed!

No To Marriage Not everyone in the LGBTIQ world wants to wed. Find out why.

Steven Oliver He’s back and Bigger And Blacker than ever!

Pete Buttigieg Can the Obama-style boy-from-nowhere become the first openly gay president of the United States?

Aaron Porter His music as “sexy, true, dirty!” So’s he.

Wentworth’s Robbie Magasiva “Will Jackson and Jake should definitely get it on!”

Marvel Man – Cort Lane is the Marvel exec bringing LGBTIQ heroes to kids’ programming. Plus, he’s friends with Barbie and Ken! 

Joshua Moore Meet porn’s English gent who’s hung like a donkey!

Nate Ward – When you look this good, don’t spoil the view with too many clothes.

Simon Dunn – This month’s he’s working on our legs!

Body Of Work Richard Matias’ photography celebrates the beauty of men.

Plus: Billie Eilish, Morrissey, Sigrid, David Bowie’s Lazarus, Matador, Month In A Minute, Fight Club and more.





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