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We weren’t satisfied with what was available commercially and we wanted to include hemp seed because of its huge nutritional value, and so began 2 years of trialing, testing, adding ingredients, taking some out, and then repeating the process again and again and again. We’ve been experimenting with fruits, nuts and seeds while on the hunt for the perfect combination to compliment the star of the show, HEMP seed!

We’re rather picky in our taste and quite particular about a range of things. Some, but not all, of these things include:

  • wanting a healthy low-carb breakfast food that actually keeps you full
  • preferring savoury over sweet, however a little bit of sweet and a touch of tart!
  • needing truly healthy ingredients without it feeling like a chore to eat…
  • only including natural sugars that come from fruits

Finding the right proportions of each ingredient was a big part of the process, not to mention finding the right consistency of each fruit, nut and seed until we achieved what we believe is the perfect balance. We got our blending and cooking times down to the second until every one of us gave the nod of approval, and like I said, this took years!

Our research into hemp began as a farming one. We travelled the whole of Northern NSW and SE QLD visiting farms and talking to farmers in the quest to find out more about this wondrous plant. The mind boggles at the many many qualities of hemp and the number of industries it penetrates and the emerging potential it provides. Construction, medicine, housing, clothing, plastics, food, to name a few. So many sustainable products and unique ideas are out there and it’s exciting to watch the ideas unfold worldwide.

Along our research adventure is where we learnt about, and consequently got obsessed with, hemp. There are so many nutritional benefits in hemp seeds and we can’t wait to one day farm our own and make Hempola as home grown as possible.

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