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We are a place rooted in cultural diversity and a deep love of ethical products used every day.

T2 and I have accumulated 43 years of experience building brands between us in the Australian promotional industry. Every day we see the best and the worst corporate decisions in sustainable and environmentally responsible products. When we met, we bonded over the thing we both most hated in the promo industry – non woven bags and the enormous waste they generate.

Being a couple of gung- ho chicks, we set out to remedy that and in a world first in 2014, we re-engineered non-woven fabric with an additive that renders them biodegradable in landfill. Apart from our corporate markets, we realised that one day a retail face to bring these bags to the general public would be a great idea and Ecotopia was born.

It’s one thing to have a swag bag, but better still, products to fill it with…

Our shared love of good value, functional and ethical products has produced the range you now see in Ecotopia Australia.

For the incense connoisseurs – Our aromatics include incense, resins and perfume oils brought forward from ancient times. All have properties that are space clearing, therapeutic, soothing and calming. Rituals and whispers of temples long past will arise when you step into this realm. Many genetic memories will awaken (promise!). Hands up all the Egyptian Priestesses and Pharoahs!

Our bodies are 70% water – We bring you reusable cups, drink bottles and collapsible straws together with the highly accredited Waters & Co benchtop and portable water filters.

And …Introducing Miron Violet Glass – our magnificent carrier of precious oils, resins and Lepaar skin care. We are thrilled to make it available for general use. (I literally hyperventilate every time we get a delivery!) This is ancient Egyptian technology brought forward into the 21st century.

Speaking of Lepaar… we are honoured to carry their range of luxurious and wholistic skincare. Christo and Johanna bring their hearts and combined soul to you through their magnificent collection that is hand crafted and small batch produced.

5 years ago we were introduced to SerenaScent – an amazing stress busting spray developed by Dr Nick Lavidis and the University of Sydney and Queensland. This has been tested thoroughly by us and all our buddies since 2014 and we are thrilled to be representing the brand and introducing this therapeutic product to as many people as we can.

Personal Guidance through the Self Mastery board game and workshops is something to be experienced. We are all our own oracle given the chance. The work of Sally Gibb-Cumming is astonishing and incredibly empowering.

“Self Mastery is the ability to go from vision to reality and to be responsible for it”

The journey inwards is supported by beautiful books and cards from Affirmations – a company I first interacted with 30 years ago when I had the Cremorne Float Centre. The artwork is stunning and the messages inspirational.

However, it’s not all about Peace Love and Herbal Tea – we’re in the 21st century and one of the things that will keep us calm and grounded is to stay connected! We have the latest techno gadgets available including power banks, cables and laptop stands.

The Ecotopia Australia ethos is to retreat, rest and regenerate.

Snuggle up under Australian produced mohair and alpaca rugs, throws and blankets manufactured by St Albans – who embody Quality. Beauty and Heritage that is woven into every fibre of St Albans. Since 1951, the Gough family has produced St Albans’ fine throws, blankets, wraps and scarves.

Our own range of linen and cotton clothing has been designed and manufactured by the incedibly talented Lou Aubrey. She brings a love of beautiful fabrics and design to the table and we can’t wait to expand our clothing line with her to include accessories and later, homewares.

Tread Lightly, Live Well

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