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Whether you’re in a relationship, going on a date or arranging your next hook up, sometimes (and for whatever reason), performance can be a daunting, anxious-inducing anticipation that ends up killing the mood.

Talking about erectile dysfunction is difficult at the best of times. The appropriately named Dr Christopher Love is one of Australia’s most experienced Urological Surgeons specialising in Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatments.  He’s also a Senior Medical Advisor at Mosh, a men’s online health clinic specialising in sexual health, hair loss and mental health.

Here, he talks about ED, how to treat it and how to get back to feeling like yourself again.

How common is ED?

The truth is that ED is more common than people think. Approximately 40 percent of men are affected by the age of 40 and complaints of ED in younger men are also on the rise, with one in four new ED patients now under 40.

Do ED problems ever end and does it all go back to normal? How does a man with ED ever truly feel like himself again?

Having ED can have a major bearing on a man’s sense of self-worth and cause many guys to feel alone, lose their confidence and even get depressed. I have patients tell me that they’ve lost hope and feel they’re too old to have sex again.

But it doesn’t mean your sex life is over forever. There are many treatment options available that can help manage or even reverse the issue.

Companies like Mosh are helping to broaden the conversation around men’s health and sexual dysfunction and putting men in touch with doctors that are restoring their hope and finding solutions for their often “embarrassing” issues.

One of the more pleasing things for me is to hear men say that they “feel like a man” again when I have restored their erections.

What are the leading causes of ED, both physical and mental?

Physical illness is behind most cases of ED, but more commonly can be due to a combination of both physical and psychological (mental) causes.

ED is often linked to conditions relating to blood vessels and heart – such as atherosclerosis (a condition that causes clogged vessels), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.

Common psychological causes of ED include chronic stress, depression and anxiety. For young men, in particular, psychological problems and performance anxiety are common causes.

Are there occurrences in daily life, relationships, health or even diet that can cause ED?

Lifestyle can certainly contribute to or cause ED. Having a poor diet, not exercising or smoking can all lead to ED. Using recreational drugs is another habit that can negatively impact a man’s ability to get an erection, and it can get worse with long-term use. Then there’s porn. Watching too much of it is thought to desensitise men to sex in real life.

What are the leading ED treatments out there?

Before discussing treatments, it’s important that a man understand the cause of his ED. Getting professional help through services like Mosh is a trusted and discreet way to do that. Deepening on the cause of the ED, different solutions may be offered.

Oral erection drugs are usually the first-line treatments for men with ED, but they vary in effectiveness and side effects, so it’s important that doctors discuss this with patients and tailor the medication to their needs.

Other second and third line therapies for those who don’t respond to oral medications may include vacuum pumps, penile injections and penile implant surgery.

What drew you to Mosh and why have you chosen to be a public representative for them?

Online tele-health platforms like Mosh offer a wonderful opportunity to bring quality medical care to a broader section of the population, particularly in “difficult” or “embarrassing” areas like ED, hair loss, and mental health issues. It’s important to me that, through Mosh, patients can access the right and most up-to-date advice about ED, and be educated about all the treatment options available to them. As a medical advisor for Mosh, I can make sure that’s happening.

Whether or not you’re getting it up for your next night of passion or experiencing another common men’s health issue, there is always answers, hope and options.

Get Mosh today and see how easy it is to diagnose and treat whatever may ail you down the line, safely and discreetly from the comfort of your own home.

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