This Little Piggy Went To Market And “Fellow Travelers” Released With Steamy Footplay Between Stars Bomer and Bailey

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey in "Fellow Travelers" (Showtime)

Showtime’s new Fellow Travelers has been the long-awaited historical drama centred around gay lovers during the height of homosexual panic and McCarthyism in Washington.

On October 29, the series opened with its premiere episode and we as viewers were welcomed with sexual intrigue and adventurousness including one particular scene where Jonathan Bailey sucks on Matt Bomer’s toes!

The made promises they could deliver! Spoilers ahead

Centring around Hawkins Fuller, a war hero-turned political advisor during the era preceding McCarthyism, Fellow Travelers is a tense and sweeping gay love story that promised as much sex as there is drama – if the premiere is anything to go by they’re delivering on that promise.

Hawk is played by the enigmatic Matt Bomer who grapples with hiding his sexuality amid the so-called Lavendar Scare in Washington while falling for the young and eager Tim Laughlin, played by Jonathan Bailey.

In the first episode, we see that Hawk is accustomed to quick and anonymous sex with strangers, evidenced by the rough scene with guest star David Tomlinson where the two engage in a hookup brimming with ass-slapping and hair-pulling. When the deed is done, Hawk refuses to give his lover his name, number or even a light for his cigarette – not the kindest show of after-care for your bottom but nonetheless.

In a later scene, Tim surprises Hawk at his apartment and subsequently seduces him. This particular scene has stirred up quite the flurry online and is a softer, more sensual approach to gay sex from Hawk that wasn’t shown previously. It also has Bailey sucking on Bomer’s toes, so there’s that intrigue too.

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