This Is What All Politicians Should Look Like – Brian Sims Shows Off His… Policy

(Screencapture via Instagram)

On Sunday, July 10, a picture featuring State Representative Brian Sims was posted to Instagram reminding his constituents of the many reasons to love him (six by our count). In the photo, Sims totes rock-hard abs and a tiny crop top with the Lucky Charms mascot saying, “Feelin’ Lucky” over the chest.


Brian Sims is the first openly gay member of the Pennsylvania House Of Representatives and his policies are all geared toward creating better protections for the LGBTQIA+ community and advocating for minority groups.

The brainy and brawny politician first captured our attention, and gaze, when he made a bid for Philadelphia Lieutenant Governor. He still works hard campaigning for civil rights reform and has platforms supporting women and POC. So, basically, he is mega hot and a good person.

One of his latest achievements is the passing of his legislative measure to get affirmative consent education into universities and better support for sexual assault survivors; the measure is called Yes Means Yes.

If politicians were as dreamy as Brian Sims, then perhaps it would be easier to get US voters to the booths. It’s wonderful seeing a proud gay man live boldly and be a voice for those who need it in government.

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