Sex Workers Feel Exploited After OnlyFans Announces Removal Of Explicit Content

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OnlyFans, an online platform synonymous with sex work, has announced that from October 1st all sexually explicit content will be removed to, “protect the long-term sustainability,” of the business, reports ABC News.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform’s popularity has skyrocketed with over 130 million people using the service, and catapulted many sex workers to millionaire status. OnlyFans have said that the decision was made due to the, “mounting pressure from banking partners and banking providers,” as they tried to raise more than $US1 billion from outside investors.

On its inception, OnlyFans was praised for giving sex workers a safer place to work and allowed them to control their own content and business. In 2020, OnlyFans handled more than $US2 billion in sales, taking a 20% cut of this figure, and is expected to more than double their earnings in 2021. 

However, after hearing the news many sex workers feel exploited by the platform. Jules Kim, CEO of Scarlet Alliance, the national peak body for sex workers in Australia, told the ABC that, “It is incredibly disappointing and a rather baffling decision given that adult content and sex workers have built OnlyFans.”

Kim also expressed concern that, “whenever you have a policy of banning something, or restricting something, that it actually just pushes the practice underground and creates greater risk.”

Sex work has historically been an industry that has been subject to stigma, discrimination and often unsafe workplaces. OnlyFans decision to remove sexually explicit content and censor sex workers has left many concerned that this decision could lead to other platforms following suit, and removing safe income from sex workers.

The platform plans to bill itself as a forum and fan site for musicians, fitness instructors and chefs.


OnlyFans star, Reno Gold, appeared in DNA #259, discussing the fame, fortune and philanthropy he has been able to achieve since starting his page.

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