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CAMP CHRISTMAS It’s a very gay ol’ time of year.
KINSEY The film, his life, his theories!
THE BEST OF 2004 Anis horribilus? Or Anis fabulous?
ADAM ELLIOT The story behind our Oscar-winning animator.
OUR STRAIGHT MATES Fat Pizza’s hot and spicy Paul Fenech.
GALE HAROLD As Brian on Queer As Folk he’s rude, self-obsessed and sex mad. In real life he’s much more chilled and very funny.
THE LORDS OF BAKERSFIELD Cover ups, conspiracies, underage rent boys and murder. This story has it all.
SPEEDOS No other garment says sun, sea and summer sex like the speedo-style brief. We explore its history, gay appeal and sex life.
CHARISMATIC CHRISTIANS REVEALED “Dancing in the spirit”, talking in tongues, being weird… religious fundies are off their nut!
THE GAY GENE REVEALED Homosexuality is encoded in the human genome – and maybe your mother is to blame!
RUFUS WAINWRIGHT The gay Messiah of pop to visit Australia.
GAEL GARCIA BERNAL He’s the hot Latino star of The Motorcycle Diaries.


POOL PONIES Cabana boy swimwear styles. Photography Darren Tieste.
BEACH BOYS Straight-acting swimmers. Photography Darren Tieste.


BURNTTOAST What DNA readers have to say. Postcards, and more coming out advice.
SAMPLES Calendar boys, super soaps, the Crunch workout, Team America: World Police and a surprise Pussy!
GROOMING Perfect scents, plus macho moisturisers, hair care.
BOOKS Stocking Stuffers, The Swimming Pool Library, Tamburlane Must Die.
HEALTH A matter of size. Don’t knock the cock you’ve got!
MUSIC Coup d’etat, Depeche Mode, Natasha Bedingfield, Carpenters, Carl Cox, Guy Sebatian.
DVD Really Bend It Like Beckham, Happy Tree Friends, Janet Jackson, Shannon Noll, Dissociatives, Legally Blonde 2.
URBAN HOMO Could there really be a second coming?

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