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CONFESSIONS OF A DJ Dan Murphy reveals secret DJ business.
MAGNETIC FIELDS Arty gay pop act speak out.
NIGHT FEVER Meet the Italian Stallions of Saturday Night Fever.
WORLD PRIDE From Berlin to Jerusalem to San Francisco.
PARTY PANTS Want a near-naked model wandering around your home? It’s time to host an underwear party.
THE AMAZING REICHEN From the US military to The Amazing Race to his own airline and a promising acting career, this gay action-adventure hero wants it all. And kids!
THE POP DIVAS Who are the music divas of all time, of our time, and out of time? We name the women who rock our world. THE KYLIE CRISIS Can the eternal pop princess come back?
MADONNA’S SAVING GRACE One flop album can’t stop the queen of the greatest hits package on her world tour.
THE NEW DIVAS Meet pop’s rising Miss Thangs.
CYNDI LAUPER’S SADNESS “Yes, True Colors was meant to be a gay anthem,” admits a weepy Cyndi.
JAMES FRANCO’S BLIND SPOT Gay teen mystery thriller!
TOURING NEW ZEALAND Robbie Thomas discovers the spirit of New Zealand… and gets his dick out along the way.


CORPORATE BODY Business suiting so good it may prompt asset stripping. Photography by Riley-McFarlane.
MAN IN WOLF’S CLOTHING Real fur is back. Put a little beast into your wardrobe. Photography by Darren Tieste.


BURNTTOAST What DNA readers have on their minds.
SAMPLES Our Athens locker-room fantasy, Shane Crawford, vin Diesel, Colin Farrell, Shrek, new condoms.
HEALTH Fab abs. How to get ’em.
GROOMING SkinWorks facial, Bondi Tan and designers stubble.
MUSIC Queer Nation, Queer As Folk Vol 4, kd lang, Shrek 2, Lamb, Katie Malua. DVD Spartacus, Friends And Family, Sebastiene, Open Space, Torque, Margaret Cho.
URBAN_HOMOSEXUAL Subject: there’s a bear in there.

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