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ON THE COVER Kayne Lawton, Photographed by Ian Chang.



From The Editor The gay bachelor party.
Burntoast Your say on all things DNA.
Loving Greybeards, dance and ice cream.
Month In A Minute Who said what, when and where.
Music Hozier, Ryan Bingham and reviews.
Book Reviews Manscapes, King Of The Road.
Boys Toys Bring Me To Climax, Mr Roboto!
Dear Diva Solve my goddamn problems!
Straight Mate Dan Reilly from The Block.
Opinion The Ugliness.
Urban Homo #sniffingtrouble.



Scott Fletcher Seven sexy things…

Kenyth Mogan “Adorkable!”

Beefcake Fashion Rufskin pays homage to TOF.

Homewares Gone Hardcore Tom Of Finland in bed.

TOF! WTF? The most famous homoerotic artist of all time – need-to-know at a glance.

Armando Santos Mr Gay France, freedom fighter.




Kanye Lawton by Ian Chang.

Gym Buddies Studs by Flash Avenue Studios.

Made In Ukraine Oleksandr by New Manhattan Studios.



Leading Man Candy It was once presumed that to have a big voice you needed to be big around the middle. Not anymore. Welcome opera’s new breed of belter – fit and fantastic.

Fit At Any Age Why is it harder to do now what you did easily at 16, and yet a middle-aged man can still outrun you? Learn the mysteries of the male body and your best strategy for keeping up.

A Tale Of Mud And Ice Transitioning from rugby to the bobsleigh isn’t heard of every day in Australian sports. Then again, Simon Hargrave isn’t your everyday Aussie sportsman.

Out Of Bounds The Australian Football League is the only all-male institution where gay men supposedly don’t exist. What’s behind this conspiracy of silence and when will we be able to come out and play?

The Great Eight Don’t follow those fickle fads in the weight room – get back to basics and look your best naked, with Francis Mossman.

Are We Cool Yet? Serbia is known for its brutal history, brawny men and Baltic wars. Twenty years after the last conflict, Belgrade is billing itself as a bastion of new European cool. Is it true, asks Marc Andews.

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