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ON THE COVER Jacob wears teamm8 swimwear, shot by Christian Scott.


FROM THE EDITOR Bringing up the rear.
BURNTOAST Your say on all things DNA.
LOVING Broadway Bares 54, and more.
THE MONTH IN A MINUTE What just happened?
OPINION The Irish effect.
MUSIC Grace Jones, Charlie Puth and more.
BOOK REVIEWS The Art Of Looking, JD and more.
HEALTH Syphilis is back.
DEAR DIVA Resolving gay drama.
THEATRE What Cate did next.
STRAIGHT MATE Maxwell Caulfield.
MAN TO MAN Ways To Stop Hurting Each Other.
QUEER PASSIONS Planespotting.
FITNESS 5 Steps To Amazing Abs
MAKE ME HOT How are the boys doing so far?
NUTTIER THAN A SQUIRREL TURD USA Supreme Court marriage equality edition…
URBAN HOMO #Lovethyneighbor.


WIZARDS OF OZ Dean and Andrew.
GRACE AND FRANKIE Jane and Lily – grey power.



WHEN IN ROME Paolo Bellucci by Roberto Chiovitti.
JACOB Jacob Nassif by Christian Scott.



HAUS OF LEVINE Designing for A-listers like Lady Gaga is just one of the many perks to being Asher Levine, the sexy young couturier whose ready-to-wear is revolutionising fashion.
A PLACE TO CALL HOME? Are gay kids still being kicked out of home? Yes. Worldwide, a disproportionately high numbers of
homeless youth are LGBTI.
GOING WITH THE GRAIN The splendors of youth, homosexuality and the great outdoors are celebrated by artist Robert Sherer.

IT’S YOUR DNA This month, DNA readers become DNA contributors.

BOUNDLESS OCEANS Forbidden love explored by Abe Wong.
FUERTE A casual fling turns into double deception in this teaser chapter from Marcelino Rosas’ new novel.
HOW COULD I BURN YOUR LETTERS? An inspired translation by Dr Sami Lambé.
AARON 2015
GERARD A superficial personality and a shocking reputation – how could Joshua Maddox Wellington resist?
DEATH IS NOT THE ANSWER An Indonesian firing squad inspired Todd Sutherland.
VULGARIANS One good ol’ boy falls for another. Poetry by Lee Thorn.
SAN FRANCISCO BLUE A father’s weakness and a son’s instinct for survival tears a
family apart in this excerpt from Clayton Loveland’s first novel.
STILL NUDE Nude male models captured by artist A.E.O. Goldman.
LET’S TALK ABOUT GAY AGED CARE Brett Tizard’s argument against LGBTI aged care facilities.
PATTERNS ON THE LANDSCAPE OF DREAMS Escapism and sexy teenage boys are never far from the mind of poet Carl Miller Daniels.
TWILIGHT ZONE OF CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Finding Mr Right… He’s out there. By Goe Mildred.
88 PO BOX 207 Before dating apps or the internet, an ad in the Personal Columns offered happy-ever-after in print, recalls Scott Young.
A WALK ON THE WILDER SIDE Photographer Mike Carter shoots model Adam Wilder.

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