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ON THE COVER Matt Schiermeier photographed by Rick Day.


PINK FLIGHT Taking to the skies on the Up, Up And A-gay” Mardi Gras flight.
MISS MAN Mitch Barlett’s alter ego struts her stuff in the new Underbelly.
LIFE BALL Europe’s biggest party is quickly approaching – and you can go!
STRANGELOVE Stanley Kubrick’s classic film, as you’ve never imagined it.
BRIAN MCFADDEN Delta Goodrem’s man on his new Lady Gaga-inspired album.
DAVID CAMPBELL Barnesy’s son takes on the favourite tunes from Broadway.
STEVEN VELLA A modern spin on tribal art.


FACING MAD MONK A less-than-balanced view of opposition leader Tony Abbott.
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN A tribute to the British fashion designer and gay icon.
WHO’S HOT? John Shaw is.
JAZZ MEN Paul Capsis and Theo Bleckmann in Melbourne.
OUT IN THE FIELD A round-up of Australia’s proudly gay sporting teams.
GARETH THOMAS Meet the UK’s first openly gay rugby player.
PRIDE HOUSE At this year’s Winter Olympics, gay athletes had their very own space for the first time.
RICHARD JAMES Animator whose homoerotic art makes sports stars even sexier.
GAY GAMES The world’s gay athletes are coming together in Germany.
BLAKE SKJELLERUP The out speed skater talks about his Winter Olympics experience.
JOHNNY WEIR Is the controversial figure skater gay or not? And should we care?
LEURA HOUSE A romantic vineyard getaway.
FIGHTING FOR LIFE A proposed law in Uganda makes being gay a capital crime.
PHOTO FINISH Sandro And Maykson give Castro some sporty style.
MR GAY WORLD Sex, scandals and swimwear – no tiaras, though.


MUSK Matt Schiermeier and his boyfriend in top form.
A STRIPPER’S LIFE Armando Branco’s glimpse inside the day of a stripper.


BURNTTOAST DNA readers answer back.
FROM THE EDITOR Why cricket is boring, football is fabulous and we’re glad it’s finally winter again.
SMORGASBORD A selection of tasty morsels.
MUSIC Delphic; Ministry Of Sounds; Gabriella Climi; Hot Chip.
BOOKS The latest queer reads and dirty books reviewed.
GAY DAD IVF is a tricky process, but you can increase your chances.
GROOMING Will talks to an old friend and picks his brain for skin-care tips.
FITNESS Weight training gives more benefits than just good looks.
DOLLARS AND SENSE Coming out at work can be very difficult – but also productive.
STRAIGHT MATE Rugby league’s Melbourne Storm captain Cameron Smith.
DVD Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet; Redwoods
URBAN HOMO Homo dons footy boots for the first time since his appearance in the 13F school rugby side.

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