Online Store, Stanley Burton, To Promote Diversity In Aussie LGBTQIA+ Marketplace

Gori and Gio in Skull And Bones (BAM/Stanley Burton)

MODELS: Gori | Instagram | Gio | Instagram | Daiki Kun | Instagram
BRAND: Stanley Burton | Instagram | Website | Facebook

Stanley Burton is the latest online underwear store in Australia. They set themselves apart as the first LGBTQIA+ underwear store proactively empowering diversity and inclusion, with both owners from culturally diverse backgrounds.   

Gori and Gio in Marcuse (BAM/Stanley Burton)

“Inclusion goes beyond putting people of colour on advertising, you need to hire people who have the power to influence change and are in the position to tell stories based on their life experiences and backgrounds. We are the perfect fit,” says Ed Chiu, co-owner of Stanley Burton. 

Gori and Gio in Skull And Bones (BAM/Stanley Burton)

Stanley Burton set out to facilitate change by selling underwear brands with aligned core values and building a platform for marginalised people from different age groups, racial backgrounds and body sizes. Skull And Bones from NYC as a brand carries empowering messages with their designs, and Lure from the UK has a strong focus on setting an industry standard with diversity and inclusion, particularly with body positivity.

Daiki Kun in Lure (Lure/Stanley Burton)

Stanley Burton have worked with BAM, a British photographer based in Tokyo. “[I] Had a great photoshoot with two of my favourite hotties, Gori and Gio. They got all flirty and steamy for the camera. I’m glad to introduce them to you all and have some hot Asian representation for underwear brands!” says BAM.

Gori and Gio in Marcuse (BAM/Stanley Burton)

BAM helped Stanley Burton put a stamp on the underwear store branding by featuring all Asian faces, a first for a LGBTQIA+ underwear store in Australia. They have also formed a social activism platform called Underwear For Change to continue this conversation with the wider community.

Gori in Skull And Bones (BAM/Stanley Burton)

If you visit Stanley Burton and use the code SBDNA20, you’ll receive 20% off your purchase with free shipping too. This code will bypass their subscriber deal for first purchases as this is a one time deal whereas our DNA code can be used anytime.

Gori in Skull And Bones (BAM/Stanley Burton)
Gori in Marcuse (BAM/Stanley Burton)
Daiki Kun in Lure (BAM/Stanley Burton)
Daiki Kun in Lure (BAM/Stanley Burton)
Gio in Marcuse (BAM/Stanley Burton)

The Stanley Burton online store also has a handy QR Code that you can use for instant access.

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