Miles Teller Reclaims ‘White Boy Of The Month’ Title Online From His Role In Top Gun – Maverick

For those unfamiliar with the Twitter-sphere and the TikTok for-you-page, every month or so users will become obsessed with one actor and for that month they are dubbed the “White Boy Of The Month”. After his shirtless performance in Top Gun: Maverick, Miles Teller has reclaimed the title, reports Instinct.


Many factors make up the internet’s obsession with an actor; this could be the popularity of a movie or series they are in, their leading man looks, a particularly sexy scene they’re in or, as is Miles Teller’s case, a combination of all three.

White Boy Of The Month is usually reserved for actors who are conventionally attractive and culturally relevant in the moment. Former actors who made the cut are Chris Evans, Noah Centineo, Jacob Elordi and Dylan Obrien. Thanks to Teller’s little shoulder shimmy dance topless on the beach in Top Gun, he has found his way back into our collective thirsting.


For those who know the franchise, Top Gun is not a film devoid of thirsty moments. In fact, the original movie was the blueprint for Teller’s little shoulder shimmy thirst-trap. Maverick and Iceman, played by Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer respectively, were the sexual awakenings of many boys and girls worldwide.

Robert W Fiesler writes a personal essay for Slate wherein he likens the original film to soft-core gay porn. An oasis for the young gay men who were starved of any male-on-male media. It’s interesting how something designed to epitomise heterosexuality can be read by LGBTQIA+ viewers as homoerotic – almost implies the two aren’t that far away on the spectrum.

Returning to Miles Teller; his first stint on our white boy of the month list was after his role in The Spectacular Now and, later, Whiplash where he was thirsted after for the good part of two years. But times have changed; things are faster-moving now. It appears Miles may have to share his title this time with Jamie Campbell Bower after Stranger Things 4 dropped.

Alas, Miles Teller is still a favourite to come out of the media cycle this month. A true phenomenon for now, but give it about 15 minutes and we’ll have a new man on the month. Let’s just enjoy it while it lasts.

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