Mike Pence Speaks At Church Where Bishop Says LGBTIQ People Are “Demonic”

US Vice President Mike Pence attended a service at the Holy City Church of God In Christ on the weekend to mark Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Following Pence’s speech, where he made general comments on the civil rights leader, Bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor gave an anti-LGBTIQ sermon that was live streamed by the White House.

The bishop started by describing Pence as a “man of God,” and then preceded into a rant that is frightening and disgusting.

“Two men can’t have a baby,” Taylor said. “Two women can’t have a baby.”

“It’s a demonic spirit that causes another woman to want to lie with another woman. It’s a demonic spirit that causes another man, a man to be attracted to another man,” Taylor said when talking about the foundations of family.  

“And then the man gets attracted to me and he’ll get in trouble – don’t put your hands on me,” he said to laughter, making a gay panic joke.

“God didn’t make us for that. He made a man to be a man. Somebody said, if you want to know what God made you, when you go to the bathroom check your plumbing. What kind of plumbing are you using?” Taylor said presumably in reference to genitalia.

Taylor then said that he was watching elk fight on an animal documentary on television, which brought him to the following conclusion: “You never see two male animals coming together. Animals have not left the place that God calls them to be in.”

(In fact, homosexual behaviour has been well documented in almost all animal species. See Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality And Natural Diversity by Bruce Bagemihl, for example.)

“We got to expose what the devil is doing,” Bishop Taylor concluded, adding that he might “get beat up” for saying what he said but that God is on his side so it doesn’t matter.

Pence has a history of appearing in public with strongly anti-LGBTIQ speakers and hate groups.

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