“I Shaved His Butt…” Saucy Revelations From Tom Ford On His Retirement

Tom Ford (Wikimedia Commons)

Iconic fashion designer Tom Ford has sold his company to Estée Lauder for USD2.8 billion and, in his retirement, he has more than a few saucy stories to share!

Ford has given an exit interview with GQ reflecting on the empire he built and reveals what it took to become the “King of Sex”.

“I mean, no matter who you are, you want a bigger d*ck…”

Ford’s tenure at Gucci saw the incorporation of sex into the label. Everything he touched had an element of intimacy and salaciousness, whether that be womenswear, menswear, underwear or otherwise, Ford knew how to design for the body. His quote about designing for men’s underwear epitomises this energy.

“When I was cutting the underwear for Tom Ford men’s, I put every pair on. And if you cut the thighs tight, but you leave a little extra fabric in the middle, you have a bigger dick. And, I’m sorry, when you’re walking around in your underwear, you want to look like you’re well-endowed, even if you’re not. I mean, no matter who you are, you want a bigger dick,” he says.

Despite his well-preserved appearance, Ford has been in the industry for decades. During his college days partied at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol who he’d met through famous children’s author/illustrator Ian Falconer.

Talking to GQ about this era, he says: “We got in a couple of those great Cadillac limousines and went to Studio. When you passed through those doors, you couldn’t even believe it. There was a long hallway and it was mirrored and painted gold. It smelled like coke. Everyone was doing drugs completely openly. By the end of the night, I was giving Ian Falconer a blowjob in the cab on the way back to his house on Eighth Street and Fifth Avenue, which he shared with Patrick McMullan.”

The scandalous stories didn’t stop there. In fact, when Ford began reflecting on his tenure as the creative director of Gucci things only got hotter. He talked about wanting his runways to scream sex. “I would give the models a talk right before the show, and I would say with my microphone – after I’d already had the drinks – ‘When you walk down this runway, everyone in this room should want to fuck you. Everyone,'” he says.

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For one show featuring men’s underwear, Tom recounts needing to bend a model over and shave his butt. “When I wanted to show those G-strings, it was hard to get a really good male model. Finally, one of them was like, ‘Yes, I’ll wear the thong.’ Thank God. At the show, he was about to go down the runway and I would check everyone, right? I looked down and it was like Peter Cottontail. So much hair sticking out of his ass crack. I said, ‘Give me the trimmers.’ I bent him over and I literally just went zip!

Tom Ford has left an indelible mark on how we interact with, understand and wear fashion today. As fun as his anecdotes are, he is as insightful as he is outrageous and it will be a while until we see the likes of him again. To read more about his reflections, visit GQ for the full interview.

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