Do You Think Austin Butler’s Elvis Is Sexy Or Cringe?

Austin Butler (Supplied)

It’s the hot topic on everyone’s feeds at the moment; is Austin Butler, who is playing Elvis Presley in the upcoming film, doing the king justice? People on one side think Butler’s charisma and charm fit Elvis perfectly, but others just can’t get past his method acting and accent.


Elvis is director Baz Luhrmann’s latest project that has been teased since 2014, reports Seventeen. The film had its debut at the Cannes Film Festival and stars Austin Butler in the titular role, Tom Hanks as his manager Tom Parker and Olivia DeJonge as his wife Priscilla.

According to Broadsheet, the 30-year-old Butler spent 18 months devoting himself to Elvis Presley – learning who he was, what motivated him and what made him the icon he was. The actor felt the weight and responsibility of embodying Elvis and it led him to spend hours of time watching everything he could get his hands on that Elvis was in.

“You see the artistry, the music or the image of him – and he talks a lot about finding it hard to live up to the image – but what you don’t know is the man, so getting past all that was what was fascinating to me,” says Butler. “The pressure he felt in even being Elvis Presley and the responsibility he felt in having to take care of everyone was very similar to the pressure I felt, and the responsibility of playing Elvis Presley.”

Reviews for the film have come back with generally mixed feelings. But one aspect of the film that has gripped the attention of viewers is Butler’s embodiment of Elvis with many stating they either love it or can’t stand the impersonation.

Namely, people have picked up on Butler’s accent change with Glamour reporting that it is, “especially deep and surprisingly accented for a person who grew up in the South only in the sense that he is from Southern California”. The online response to Austin Butler’s Elvis has been less coy in its approval or condemnation.


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“Omg I had to pause from second-hand embarrassment,” wrote one commenter. “My guy that’s not your voice I’m so embarrassed for this man,” says another comment.

Other more positive reviews include one commenter saying, “I can’t take his voice seriously. Mans took method acting to an extreme but i’m here for it.” Another chimed in with, “The fact everyone’s mad at his voice. When you have to work on perfecting an accent for a movie for so long it’s not just going to leave so easily.”

Whether Austin Butler’s voice is cringeworthy or swoonworthy, there’s no doubting he put a lot of effort into his performance through the last three years and Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is sure to be one of the hottest films of 2022.

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