Confessions Of A Male Escort

Mr Jake (supplied)

Mr Jake has been escorting for the past six years. The 33-year-old loves his profession and thinks it’d be better understood if people saw it as more hospitality than sex work. He tells DNA some of the secrets of the trade and what it takes to “get it up“.

What’s your favourite aspect about escorting?

Making people happy. I had this one client for 10 Saturdays in a row. Each week I had to be creative in my time with them. But over that 10 weeks we moved from a starting point of trauma, where they were timid to someone quite confident and flamboyant at the end. It felt good to assist in changing someone’s life.

Mr Jake at the beach (supplied)

What if someone falls in love?

There’s always a risk that a client might get too attached. You’ve got to be brave enough to put boundaries in place and headstrong about maintaining them. It’s a fantasy that we’re selling. If you do it well, they think it’s real, but you have to be consistent about keeping the relationship emotionally intelligent.

What’s your strongest skill when it comes to escorting?

Making people feel comfortable. From the first text message I try and put people at ease. Booking an escort can be such a nerve-wracking experience, not to mention going to a stranger’s home – the minute a client walks in, I seek to diffuse any tension and get them to relax.

What have you learned from your job?

How important it is to treat everyone equally.

Mr Jake at the beach (supplied)

What do clients generally want from you?

Everyone wants to feel good. Seventy percent of the job is mental. I always say rapport is foreplay. My job is to make someone happy. There are many ways that can be achieved. It might be sexual or maybe a client just wants someone to confide in. You’ve got to be able to adapt to their emotional needs. Laughter often plays a big part.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about being an escort?

That it’s not legal and that it’s not a business. I realised long ago if I’m going to be successful, I can’t be everything. So, I employ a small team to assist with bookkeeping, website design, and social media marketing. People are often surprised with how focused escorts can be, and how well off some are – I know many with multiple homes. People would have a better understanding of escorting if they looked at it more as a hospitality business.

What should someone look for when booking an escort?

Credentials and a good foundation of exposure, whether that be a website or a content page, but something that gives you a little more insight into the person.

Mr Jake at the beach (supplied)

What do you wish you’d known when you started that you know now?

I wish I knew sooner about balance. It can be a very isolating and lonely profession where it’s all too easy to get caught up in money and lose yourself in the process. It’s important to carve out time for yourself and your friends.

What’s your favourite thing to do with a client?

I like to cook. There’s something sensual about cooking and getting to know each other. I make a mean paella followed by handmade chocolate-covered strawberries.

What’s the quirkiest experience you’ve had with a client?

I do a lot of role play. I get called Daddy a lot. I’ve had a husband recording me having sex with his wife. There’re too many quirky things to list.

What do you do if your soldier doesn’t want to stand at attention?

It’s never failed me yet, but I’ve had some testing times. Obviously, I don’t want to disappoint. It’s all about headspace, if your mind isn’t in a good place, you’re going to stumble. The few times that’s happened, I pivot and change things up and approach from another direction.

Your body is your temple, what do you do to take care of it?

I’m always working out, eating well, cooking for myself. I used to be a semi-professional footballer and have recently started playing soccer again in Brighton. During lockdown, I have been sprinting up the stairs, usually 10 levels at least but haven’t been able to get past 15.

Mr Jake at the beach (supplied)

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