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Ben Dudman On The Joy Of Gay-For-Pay Adventures

Ben and Vince giving gay fans what they want. Photography Andy Chou.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Andy Chou | Instagram
MODELS: Ben Dudman | Instagram | Vince Azzopardi | Instagram

He’s a straight model creating sexy content for gay men without shame or fear of being judged. His is an inclusive and accepting world, where masculinity exists without boundaries.

“I don’t think there is a definition of what masculinity is any more. I say, why try and fit into categories? Create your own.

DNA: How did you get into physique modelling?

Ben Dudman: I’d been competing in men’s physique competitions for three years and after my final show in 2018, I did a few fitness photo shoots. I started getting interest from underwear and swimwear brands and photographers with offers to work with them and it’s just gone from there.

We see a lot of images of you getting sexy with other hot guys but you aren’t gay, correct?

I’m not, I’m afraid. I’m very comfortable in myself and have like-minded friends who I work with. We are all comfortable with each other and always want to provide great content.

What made you decide to create these homoerotic images?

Demand. I like providing great quality content for fans and brands and, well, sex sells, I guess.

When did you first realise you were attractive to other men?

[Laughs] When my inbox on social media kept getting full up every day! I appreciate the love from all.

What do you your fans tell you about what turns them on?

A lot of people are into different things and I try to cater for all. No one person’s fetish or desire is wrong. I’m blessed in that I can have my body hairy or smooth. Again, it’s hard to please all. If I shave, it takes a couple of months to grow back, but I like that as it gives my content different depths and different looks.

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