Adult Content Creator, Silver Steele Posts Monkeypox Diary To Twitter

Silver Steele (Screencapture via Instagram)

Since the outbreak of monkeypox, gay and bisexual men have been warned that infections have been significantly higher among populations of men who have sex with men. One such person infected is US gay pornstar Silver Steele who has been documenting his recovery online to better illuminate what having monkeypox looks like, reports Star Observer.


There is no evidence that the virus is sexually transmissible and vaccines are being made available, yet people are rightly still concerned about monkeypox. Although there is information circulating from health experts it can be equally valuable to have a face you trust provide a firsthand account of their experience.

This is exactly what Silver Steele has bravely chosen to do on his social media. The content creator has documented his monkeypox experience by taking photos of his face from contraction through to his steady recovery, reports Star Observer.

Monkeypox is not typically fatal, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t painful. The lesions that develop into scabs can cause a person to feel shame or to feel isolated at the same time that they are experiencing pain. Steele’s social media journal of his monkeypox has helped to bring light to what the virus can look like and how it feels which breaks down a lot of the stigma and mystique surrounding contracting it.

Steele also wants people to recognise the seriousness of the outbreak and to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Throughout his journey, Steele recounted how it felt mild at first with flu-like symptoms but as the days went by his lesions began to worsen and his immune system was weakened causing other infections.

“I thought my monkeypox case was mild. I am now at two weeks and the lesions on my face are brutal. In addition, Monkeypox weakens your immune system and in my case I also have strep throat for the first time ever as an added bonus,” he says. “

His latest post to Twitter showed the progress of the lesions from July 11 through to August 1 and there is a significant recovery. “Not meant to gross you out but rather provide a perspective on what it looks like over time. I hope this helps show people what it looks like and people know what to expect if they contract it,” says Steele.

The LGBTQIA+ community is uniquely situated to be prepared for pandemics that affect our community. Many can still remember the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and younger generations commit to being informed and prepared. Silver Steele’s openness on his social media platforms helps to destigmatise monkeypox and provide important insights for his followers incentivising them to stay informed, stay prepared and stay safe.

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